Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Weekly Hodge Podge

Last week at 33 weeks.
  • I am officially only capable of fitting into dresses unless its 50 degrees out, then I just wear a few dresses with jeans. Instead of buying more shirts to cover my ginormous belly, my solution is to just work from home more where my belly can freely enjoy a nice breeze as it pokes out of every possible shirt.   I even have trouble now keeping my full panel maternity pants up.  I cannot wait to get back to normal clothing!
  • This dress in the picture by the way... a new favorite.  $16.00 from Walmart! It might actually be a swim cover up.  I found it next to the swimsuits. Our walmart has the swimsuits across from the groceries.  Maybe its a  "Do you really want that box of cookies?" thing?... Anywho, I wore it to work last week and received probably 10 compliments on it!
  • Eviction is officially set for 9:30 am on 6-6-12.  5 weeks and 6 days people!
  • I have mentioned before that we are naming this child Emily, but I always planned to call her Em or Emmie. 3 syllables is great for a nice fancy name, but not the best for everyday use.  Shoot, Brian even calls Leah, "L" since its easier to spit out.  Well it seems that baby girl's name is already adjusting to "Emmie".  Its how Leah pronounces her name and I find Brian and myself already calling her that too.  I LOVE it!
  • Leah has had a few play dates with the little boy next door.  He came over to play once and once Leah has gone over there... into their house... to play.  It was the weirdest thing! Brian and I sat on the deck thinking "Leah is at a friends house playing.... what do we do!?" It is awesome that they are playing together, but Brayden is almost a full 3 years older than Leah. He starts kindergarden in the fall and I am sure he will lose interest playing with a toddler! He seems to like Brian though... he always told Brian he could come over for a sleep over and sleep in his room because he has bunk beds.  Little boys seriously LOVE Brian for some reason. ha.
  • I think its official I will be getting a Dodge Grand Caravan... its actually pretty AWESOME! It has amazing storage and space. Hopefully we will be getting it in the next week or so! I cannot wait! ... which speaking of cars, I need to clean out my Taurus. Me vaccumming it out will be a sight! ha!
  • My cousin is graduating from college the weekend of May 19th.  Almost my entire mom's side of the family is headed to Joplin to celebrate, including family that has never met Leah and I have not seen in almost 3 years! I really really really want to go but darn it.. I will be 2.5 weeks from delivery and the 4 hr car drive sounds a bit like torture.  I am slightly tempted to go... especially if we have our new van and I am not dialated at all... stupid idea?  I think I will ask my doctor... Any bets on what she will say? I honestly have no idea...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Grassy Legs

Leah loves lotion.  She loves to pump it out herself (I use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing which may seem old lady but seriously, its the best lotion ever! Non-greasy, super thick, and awesome) and finger painting it all over herself.

Last night I decided she could put it on me... a bigger canvas and hopefully less mess.

Brian came upstairs a bit later and Leah decided it was his turn to have his legs painted.

As she begins she proclaims:

"Daddy! You have grass on your legs!"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life Lately

  • I have 7 more weeks as a mom of 1. O-M-G
  • I have finally embraced the fact that I will be getting a new mini-van in the very near future. All of the SUVs with a 3rd row in our price range come with a bench middle row.  This is not very suitable to fold a chair down when you have 2 car seats attached.  We have to have the bucket seats.  SUVs with bucket middle seats = out of our desired priced range.  Mini-vans really meet all of our needs.  I will be the most awesome soccer mom around! ... we just have another year before we enter the life of organized kid sports. 
  • Speaking of sports, Leah is OBSESSED with baseball.  

Love this picture because its Brian and Leah together, and Leah's hat and bat.  Too cute. 

Bat in hand of course... 
  • The other day Brian and I were at Culvers ordering dinner.  As soon as Brian paid, the cashier asked "So what are you guys having?".  I looked at her like she has 2 heads and said "uh, we just ordered..."  It didnt hit me she was asking about the baby. 
  • Miss Cora has been sick... She is just not her "in your face", "pet me! Pet me please!", "I want to cuddle!" self.  She still is not eating much, but we are waiting to see if she keeps it up before heading back to the vet.  He was happy that she just started eating and drinking again... Poor thing. I hate having sick babies, even my fur-babies. 

  • I saw a motorcycle accident today, after it happened, but before the emergency vehicles had arrived.  It made me wonder... how were emergency vehicles notified of accidents before cell phones were carried by everyone? Like in the 60s or 70s, how long did it take for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of an automobile accident?? I am very curious! 
  • I have the most awesome in-laws.  Since I am on restricted activity and just so worn out by this pregnancy, my in-laws have been coming over and cleaning the house for me, then picking Leah up from daycare for the evening so I can relax for a bit. Getting to come home and veg is so nice! 
  • My camera is beginning to make a little more sense to me... a few non Leah pictures... 
I took like 20 pictures of Brian's glass of wine last night. 

  • Brian has been attempting to finish the basement... but he jumped ahead and bought his new projector, set it all up, and now we have been hanging out in the basement watching movies.  I do not think he has any motivation anymore to keep going on it all... His necessities are already there... 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

32 weeks

Whoa tired eyes... but its exactly how I feel lately. 

I havent done one of these yet this pregnancy... atleast I dont think. My brain is a little shot lately.

How far along?. 32 weeks 1 day 
Maternity clothes? Oh yes, and quickly running out of things that fit. I've turned to wearing alot of dresses, but then all of a sudden its gotten cooler again so I am trying to fit into any pants that fit. 
Weight Gain? I am not sure since I have no idea where I started. Although I had only gained 10 lbs at 20 weeks compared to my 18 lbs last time, Im not sure I am still doing so great. I feel huge... I do weight myself at home now just to make sure I am gaining the 1-2 lbs per week.  I am super anxious to start weight watchers once I have this baby and get to a point where I dont want to cry each time I put on a swimsuit to take Leah to the pool this summer. 
Stretch Marks? way too many from last pregnancy... I dont think its possible to get anymore. 
Sleep? My sleep is actually not so horrible. I guess I am just so exhausted in general that I never have those moments where I just lay in bed thinking like I always did with Leah.  When I do lay down, get comfortable with my 4 pillows, I feel like I am getting into that super deep zombie sleep. My problem is that I am just not getting enough! I would love to sleep an extra 2 hrs each day... 
Sickness? I think its the mixture of exhaustion, braxton hicks contractions, and a child that is moving around so freaking much that I have been getting alot of episodes of nausea and just needing to lay down.  Last night was miserable and thank goodness Brian came home around 6 and was able to entertain Leah all night while I layed in bed and took an extra long hot bath (my absolute favorite thing this pregnancy. It always makes my aching body feel so much better!)
Movement? lately this child moves like a wild child with ADD.  It seriously is out of control, all four corners of my torso for like an hr at a time. 
What I miss? Oh what dont I miss?  Sleeping on my stomach, beer, wine, being able to breathe, get up, tie my shoes and put pants on with ease... holding Leah and dancing around the kitchen like we used too... 
Food cravings?  currently: mini chocolate covered donuts, blue cheese anything, salads with blue cheese and walnuts, ice cubes (supposedly this could be a bad thing?)
IFood aversions? I cant really pinpoint anything.... but last night I was super excited to make angel hair pasta with broccolli and shrimp, went to the store for it all, started cooking it all and then started getting sick from the smells. I ended up eating just a little itty bitty bit.  I dont think I could handle the garlic smell... 
What I’m looking forward to: Brian being done with tax season, going car shopping, and finally meeting this little girl!
Milestones? ummmm... Im at the point in pregnancy where I am constantly asked "when are you due?!" "Any day now?"  It shouldnt surprise me since I was this big with Leah but I think I am a little more offended this time around.  Someone even asked if I was having twins at work the other day... a woman, who I know has kids of her own... why is it always the woman who should know better that make the comments?!
Things I wish people knew: From the comment above.... please dont say anything about a women's size during pregnancy unless it is something you would want to hear yourself when you were/are pregnant. 
Worries: I have made so many comments to people about how I am having a schedule c-section and how I think its the easiest and best way to go.  I had such a great experience with Leah that I hope I have it again... but part of me thinks that I am totally jinxing myself!  Watch me go into a horrible labor early with miserable contractions or something... 
1st child:  Leah is doing great.  She understands pretty well that I can no longer carry her and pick her up.  She often talks about her baby sister, announcing it to strangers "I get a baby sister!", excited to have her sister sit in the backseat next to her, talks about changing her diapers, giving her bottles, and holding her... She likes to put her hands on my belly (or sometimes my chest, she thinks the baby is there as well) and even held her toy phone up to my belly for Emily to have a turn to talk on it this morning.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best of Easter Weekend

Is it possible for her to be more of a mess?! I think its a talent of hers. 

watermelon on the front porch


"You say there is an egg over here??"

I love this picture of Brian... Im not really sure why though... 

Completely spoiled... 5 baskets total on Easter Day. One even from my sister's boyfriend. He knows how to score some brownie points with the family!

Leah is becoming obsessed with baseball. We aren't complaining. Look at that follow thru. 

Leah and Aunt J

Already wanting to drive the car!! I will definitely keep this picture around to compare to when she really gets the keys.

popsicle addict

Playdoh from the Easter Bunny! ... Leah asked daddy what he was making... his response "Rocks!" Leah was VERY impressed!

I just have to say... The whole taking hundreds of pictures and only liking a small percentage is frustrating.  I know I am only a week into this photography thing... Lets hope it improves! I need maternity leave just so I can practice practice practice!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

What a difference 2 years makes

5 Months
28.5 Months

I hope she always keeps this big 'ole smile!

It melts my heart.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Attempt #1

Last night when Leah wanted to head out to play outside after dinner I grabbed my new toy to give my first college try at learning to use my camera.

It didnt go nearly as bad as I thought it would!

It took me a while to realize how high I needed the ISO, and amazed me at how I could take bright pictures even as the sun was starting to set.

I still struggle with the whole  focusing on one object and blur the background... hopefully I can figure that out soon because I LOVE pictures like that.

And my biggest frustration is when a picture would be awesome... if it was IN-FOCUS!

Now for a lookie at a few of my favorites...

Leah is just looking cute... I did not yet have the ISO up high enough... I dont think atleast. 

I was shocked that I caught a smile!! ... and my child seriously is ALWAYS filthy! I guess its just the result of playing hard. 

I think I finally go the ISO up enough!

I think this is a good picture... I just dont love the look on her face... it doesn't look like my Leah

This is my Leah!

An example of a picture I would love IF it was in focus darn it!!!

An another example.... 

This was my best attempt at the whole blurring the background... 

Feel free to critique and give me advice! I know I need help!

And also check me out over on Double the Fun's! I am a featured Momma today!
yeah I know its Tuesday... its a week of Momma's this week.



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