Thursday, April 25, 2013

Body After Baby: Reality Check

Last week I wrote THIS post.

I talked about how good I was feeling in my current Body.

How my results of my body fat % were in a pretty good place.

How I was just content and happy.

This week I was hit with a little reality slap in the face.

Originally Michael, the trainer, just measured my body fat with the hand held electronic device.

It gave me the 23% happy number.

He then gave a talk about how each time you use that thing it will give you a different result.

Basically it tries to “send a pulse thru your body to measure your body fat.”

Lets think about that for a minute….

I should never trust a “pulse” thru my body in regards to something I am holding!

Anywho, we decided that we would use the “pinch” method for a much more accurate reading.

Basically the pinch test takes measurements from your bicep, tricep, stomach, and back to determine your body fat % thru some calculations.

Obviously much more accurate.

You can’t pinch/grab muscle…

Fat, yes!

But…Bicep, Tricep, stomach & back!?

Hello, my trouble spots for sure!

Yesterday Michael sent me my pinch results along with a game plan.

I saw a new body fat % that will HAUNT me!

Side note… these “Hauntings” definitely motivate me.

My mom once made the comment that she now, at age 58, weights the same she did when she was 40 weeks pregnant.

My mom is not big by any means so no big deal…

I know she never gained much weight when she was pregnant and she started out really small.

Lucky girl!

For me… the weight I saw when I came home from the hospital HAUNTS me.

I will NEVER EVER EVER weight that much again unless I have just gave birth.

I feel the exact same way right now with this body fat % number.

I have started a 10 month long habit of being healthier that will continue.

Now lets discuss my measurements.

(these are just what the pincher said… not %s or inches or anything… the larger the number the larger body fat % though obviously)

Bicep = 25.3
Tricep = 31
Back = 15
Stomach = 19.3

So shocking enough, although I thought my stomach was my worst area…


Then I saw what these measurements equate too…

34.8% body fat


Haunting me!

Yes, I may have a normal/healthy BMI.

Yes, I may be able to fit into size 6 dresses now!

But I am fatty!

Or… just non-muscular.

I WILL lower that number.

We are measuring again in 6 weeks.

Each time I am tired and want to stop whatever exercise I am doing, I think of that horrid number.

My first 6 week goal is to get to 30%.

Then we will head down to that 20-25% recommended for my age range.

It made me think some more about my size…

You always see these pictures of how a lb of fat takes up so much more room than a lb of muscle.

If I have so much fat to spare and change into muscle…

How small could I actually get?

I don’t mean to say that in an anorexic, gross way...

I am just being serious and curious.

If I have almost 10% of body fat to lose ideally…

What on earth will I be looking like!?!

This all just really intrigues me…

I guess we will just see.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pictures Lately


My little Flower

As soon as Leah started at this daycare, a little before age 2, she ALWAYS would talk about Brenden.... 

I guess she loves him!?


Walking in to preform... Can to spot Leah?  Hands up to her mouth... starting to freak out. 

And theres my little girl, bottom left corner, sitting on the stairs with her teacher... refusing to stand with her class or sing... 

She was still cute... next year... 

See that death grip around Emily?  That girl was a wiggle worm on the tram!! She did not want to be held, or stuck in one place... 

Feeding baby goats... this was the first year Leah did not freak out at them... 

She loves carousels!

Total joy. 

Checking out the elephants. 

Emily did not enjoy being stuck in the stroller... 

Yeah, this happened... 

This is my "OMG I am on a CAMEL" face! ... although, I admit, I've rode one multiple times... I have even rode one in Africa! 

Talked us into another ride... so pretty. 


watching the neighbor mow his lawn... anytime he would come to our side of the yard, Emily would freak out and speed crawl over into my lap. Definite fear of lawn mower noises. 

just looking too grown up for me to handle. 

Some day I will be able to get pictures of them bot looking at the camera and smiling right?

Usually pictures of them together Emily looks miserable... finally getting back at her sister. 

So funny! 

Emily thought it was the greatest thing EVER! 

Someone on facebook commented that in 10 years Emily will still think it is the greatest thing ever when she has her 16 year old big sister driving her around in a real car.... Cant you just picture it!? Terrifying! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link Up


Finally getting the chance to do one of these fun posts... 

1. I laughed so hard I cried when... I cannot think of any moments in particular but it usually is a result of myself or someone else falling.  I am one of those horrible people that think its hilarious when people fall...

2. My high school... was fabulous.  R - S- H -S, Rockwood Summit is the best!  ... and now I have the fight song stuck in my head.  I know its horrible to think high school was some of the best years of your life, but it really was great for me (And so was college, and all the years after...)  I played alot of sports, had awesome friends, made good grades, involved in multiple clubs, loved by teachers, had tons of fun, and made great memories.  It was every thing high school should be about. 

3. It really pisses me off... when people are disrespectful. 

4. In ten years... Life might be a bit easier... children will be older and not so needy.  I mean, they will be able to bathe themselves and get their own darn snacks!... I will have my FSA and stop needing to study so much.  And no daycare costs!! People always seem to love to tell us "when you get out of daycare, the costs just shift to sports and other things!" uh... sure, but there is no way on earth that we will still be paying 1600 a month on sports! Those people need a reality check on how much daycare costs now! 

5. If I could erase one thing... It would be my 19th year... no need to expand. 

6. In 1999... I was in 8th grade! .. and my husband was a freshman in college! hehe...

7. Honestly... I am having horrible mommy guilt of baby #2 right now.  Emily's 1st birthday is in 6 weeks. I have no idea what I will be doing for invites, food, decor, cake... NOTHING!  With Leah I had this all planned out months in advance... I know I need to get on it all, but ugg... will someone come do it for me!? Poor 2nd child! 

8. To me, Sushi... Is yummy and I need to have it more often!  Its rather expensive though because I always want to eat TONS... Im just cheap. 

9. Someone really needs to invent... How to add a few more hours to the day... 

10. The first time I drank alcohol...  I puked... and then was really hung over for a meeting with a college soccer coach and my dad the next morning.  

11. The one question I would ask God is...  How do you keep track of so many people!?

12. Lindsay Lohan...  a hot mess.  I loved the parent trap and freaky friday... she had such a bright future and threw it all away. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Body After Baby

The goal of running a half marathon is over and behind me.

Although I did not reach my time I wanted, I still think it was a success.

And I am already signed up for half marathon #2!

Mo Cowbell, Oct 6th...

Under 2 hours...

I am coming for you!


I am a VERY goal driven person.

I pretty much am a professional exam taker right now in my career...

If I do not have something in mind that I want to accomplish, I can be awfully lazy.

So my next goal to keep my working out and eating better...

Lowering my body fat %.

Lets rewind to last Thursday.

I feel like this day needs to be documented...

This was me at work...

Does not seem to special to me...

Maybe all items of clothing that are slightly too big...

3 people thru out the day came up to me and told me I looked like I had lots more weight.

Yet the scale that morning was up 2 lbs.

(Right now I go back and forth between the same 5 lbs...)

I had a meeting set up with the trainer at my office to measure my starting body fat % and discuss where to go...

I was kind of terrified!

Last time this was done, I was only about 20 lbs heavier, and although I cannot remember the exact number, I want to say it was in the upper 30%s and terrifying to see/hear!

Yes, I know I am smaller, and a slightly stronger, but I was SCARED of this number.

Turns out...



The trainer says he recommends 20-25% for my age.

Pleasant surprise!

But I still want a goal to work towards.

So we are aiming for me getting to 20%.

Tuesday we are meeting up again to discuss the time frame to measure next and when a realistic time frame is for me to reach the goal.


This will be hard for me.

I can easily go run...

Do any cardio...

But making myself lift weights.

Do ab exercises...

That are SOOOO painful....

I stop...

I give myself a break.

I have a much harder time pushing myself.

He is writing me up a plan right now...

I have started doing some tabata timer work outs...

... 20 seconds hard, 10 second break... for 4 minutes.

I am sore.

We'll see how it goes...


Then Thursday evening when I came home...

My new Athleta swim suit top arrived.

(Yes, I rarely wear matching swim pieces... its much better this way)

I had to try it on right away...

Did I mention its a small!?

Sure, its probably a "big" small...

But me, and "small" have rarely been in the same sentence.

It was a crazy/motivating/want to keep going kind of day!

Because this place I am at right now...

Is a really really good place.

Seriously... Loft Shorts... the most amazing pair of shorts ever created! 

I know to build more muscle, a very important part is eating alot better...

Today I made 4 foil packet meals...

Turkey Sausage, carrots, broccolli, sweet potatoes...

a little olive oil spray, seasoning, fold it all up and in the oven for 45 minutes...

And here's to reaching some more goals... 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Like Her Momma - Tball

This past Saturday Leah finally started Tball!

It should have started a few weeks ago but the weather never cooperated.

Putting a little kid in an origanized activty, where you pay for them to participate, is always scary.

What if they refuse to participate?

What if they hate it?

You just never know!

Leah curretly participates in soccer & dance at her school.

She gets taken out of class and does her special activity during school hours.

I have never gotten to see her do these activities but have heard that she is great at listening and participating.

I was excited that for Tball I would finally get to see her in action!
She didnt disappoint!  She was eager to get out there, stand near her coaches, and get started.

There are very few girls...

And see that boy on the far left in the yellow... he is the little boy of a girl I grew up playing soccer with... Oh the circle of life!

Ground balls.... yep, didnt get that one...

She actually caught this ball!!


She has a great arm... but always wants to stand so close to you to throw it.... You need to watch out! It can hurt ya!

Could she be any cuter!?

She was obsessed with wearing the batting helmet and would not take it off...

Oh and her shirt says "My heart belongs in the game!"

What you dont see from these pictures is how she is just like her momma...

A little history on me...

I grew up playing softball.

I was a pitcher.

When you are the pitcher you are constantly busy.  Always in on the action.

I also was a power hitter. 

Starting in 5th grade teams would intionally walk me...

BORING for a little kid!

I understand it is part of the game, but come on! Let a kid hit!

In 6th grade I threw a wild pitch, went to cover home because a girl was stealing, went to tag her out, she did not slide, & fell on top of me.

I fell on top of the ball in my glove...

The girl was out, but it crushed my thumb on my left hand and I ended up with surgery and 3 pins in my thumb.

The years following I gave up pitching and played 3rd base.

Throw in always getting walked and rarely the chance to bat...

And softball became awfully boring to me!

I survived thru my freshman year of highschool, but soon decided to give it up.

Now back to Leah...

The girl did awesome at listening to her coach.

She always wanted to be one of the first ones to take a ground ball, try to catch a "pop fly", bat, and throw with her coach...

But once her turn was up and she had to wait while her teammates took a turn she was BORED!

Playing in the dirt.

Running around.

Drink breaks.

Trying to get me to let her go play on the playground...

Kicking the ball like she is at soccer...

That is when I realized she is alot like her momma...

She enjoys the game... but only when she is in the action!

We might just have to make her a pitcher or Brian's dreams of his little softball star might be crushed!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making the House Pretty

Our house is only 18 months old...

Actually 17.5 if you want to get technical.

You would think that a brand new house would leave you with little to do in regards to expensive projects...


We did not want a massive mortgage when we built this house so we stuck to upgrading more structural items rather than the pretty things.

We would add the unnecessary fun items as we saved up for them.

Last year Brian got to finish the basement (about 80% done)

This year it was time for me to finally get some of my items I had been wanting done!

Backsplash in the kitchen.

Tiling in our master bath.

And my favorite, board and batten in the office!

Now for the pictures...

The Kitchen 



I think it brings out some of the color in the granite.  This was such a hard decision on deciding what to do in here because of our cabinet, counters, and floor color, while not spending too too much... I think it came out nicely. 

Our cabinets are actually not as yellow looking as the look in these pictures... they are a bit more brown in person... they have a coco glace to them. 

The Master Bathroom:



Tiling in here was necessary since Leah loves to take baths in here and gets water EVERYWHERE! And I have a magic ability to get my makeup on the walls as well... hopefully this will do the trick! 

I love it! 

The Office: 



I have been wanting this FOREVER! I am so glad I finally got to do it!  Brian thinks its weird.... luckily he is beginning to let me do more of what I want to the house (as long as I do not touch his basement) so I cannot wait to put more board and batten all over the house!  

I think trim work, in a nice crisp white, does amazing things to a house! 

I already have my next few house projects planned in my head...

Finally getting the laundry room together with cabinets and such...

And more board and batten!

Now I just need to be good and stay under budget so Brian will let it happen sooner rather than later....

***Everything was done by Partney Remodeling.  If you are in the St. Louis area check 'em out!


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