Sunday, March 15, 2009


The wedding went great!
My sister-n-law is now married, Brian has a new Brother-n-law,
and we are now a aunt and uncle to a 11 year old boy!
The day was EXHAUSTING though!
I first work up at 5:30 am because I had to go to the bathroom and morning sickness
was kicking in. At 8:45, we left to get our hair done.
By noon we were back at the house to get our make up on and get dressed.
We were at the church by a little after 2... married at 3... and in the limo by 430.
We took pictures and drove around until 6:45, and then the reception began at 7.
I was done by 10. I was SOOOOOO tired, my stomach was doing somersaults and my body hurt from my dress and my corset. (I have been so bloated, it was the only way I fit into my dress, and it was still tight!)
After almost 10 hours of sleep in the wonderful hotel bed, I still came home and took a 2 hour nap. I could of kept sleeping, but the cat woke me up! He likes to get in my face and make sure I am breathing!
My diet this weekend has continued to consist of the same sorts of food.
Friday I ate a salad for lunch and subway for dinner.
Saturday was pretty much pretzel sticks all day, a little sub sandwich for lunch, and I ate a little of the dinner... mostly the salad, bread, and noodles in a white sauce.
Today I again had a subway sandwich, and Brian is now BBQing... hopefully I can eat dinner.
Brian sent me to the grocery store by myself today... I think it was a mistake. I only bought food that sounded good to me... which wasn't much. Brian noticed as soon as I walked in the door with only a few bags. I did buy TONS of fruit though. I am usually not a fruit person, but I did get apples, bananas, pineapple, and canelope. I can't wait to eat them this week for breakfast and lunch. I did think of the husband some.. I bought him multiple pizzas for the nights that I dont want anything he wants for dinner and he can still eat!

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