Monday, March 23, 2009


I officially lost count .... it was a rough week. I feel like my morning sickness has gotten 3 times worse!

I also decided that the weekend goes way too fast when all I do is nap all day! ... but naps just feel so nice lately... I can fall asleep so quickly!

My taste/sense of food has changed to much! I used to be a chocolate - sweets lover... but I honestly haven't had a piece of chocolate in the last month.... until today. I never have cared for plain M & Ms... I would eats tons of the Peanut ones... but I always left the plain ones alone. Today at Toast Masters I was given a little pack..... for some reason the more I looked at them the greater they sounded. I finally decided to try a few.... they were AMAZING!!! They have never tasted so good to me!! I think I will have to hit up to store tomorrow and get a whole giant bag!!

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