Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Morning sickness (if thats what you wanna call it) is definitely kicking my butt!
The only way I can explain it is that I feel CONSTANTLY hungover!
I just have that exhausted, stomach doesn't feel right, headache,... feeling.

I keep thinking "Am I really pregnant?...
Is this just going to go away?
Maybe I should take another test just to make sure I still am."
I wish my doctors appointment wasn't so far away!
April 6th seems like a life time!
I guess I will be beginning my 9th weeks then, they told me not to come in until I was 8 weeks. Is there not blood test to make sure I wasn't lying or that I read it correctly?
I can only think that the home tests are so accurate now that if it told me yes... than yes I am.
I need to stop reassuring myself too because I have the symptoms!
Isn't that enough?
... Brian is coming to the appointment with me and I can't wait!
It makes me tear up thinking about it right now! ha!
I think it will just make it that much more real for the both of us!

I also can't wait for my appointment so I can really let the cat out of the bag and I can maybe turn this on public!
It really stinks not telling anyone our big news!
Yesterday at work a co-worker asked "And when are you going to have kids?"
I wanted to shout "NOW!" but instead I just shrugged and said someday... as in 8 months from now! :)

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