Sunday, March 29, 2009

so unproductive

I am just too tired lately to do anything!

I had all intent to clean the house and study today, but I only got around to cleaning 2 bathrooms and doing laundry. I am just way too sleepy!

I have also noticed this past week that my pants are definitely tighter. I hadnt even noticed that I was gravitating to my bigger work pants until I hadn't done laundry and only had my smaller sized pants left. I went to put them on... they buttoned... but HURT! Luckily I picked up a bella band on clearance so I can still wear all of my clothes. I do need to start shopping though. I want to be prepared to wake up and really not fit into anything. Plus I already know I will have a hard time shopping for pants for work. I have a friend that is 5'7 and pregnant and has a hard time... and I am 3 and a half inches taller! I need to just start looking now. My mom thinks I might just have to wear dresses every day to work! ha! Luckily I will be pregnant thru out the sundress season and fall! .... But I honestly am too tired and lazy to even get up and go shopping!

Only one more week until my doctors appointment! I cant wait! It will feel so much more official!

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