Monday, June 29, 2009

The BIG ultrasound....

Brian and I are the proud of parents of a ...................................................................................

stubborn baby!
So to start off the ultrasound, I was instructed to empty my bladder 1 hr 15 minutes before our appointment (9:45), then I had 30 minutes to drink 28.5 oz of fluids because you supposeably get better pictures with a full bladder. Well I followed the instructions to a T... but I also had a 32 oz soda and a 32 oz. cup of water between 730-930 am this morning... I was in pain I had to go to the bathroom so badly when 11 o'clock came around! I could hardly walk! ... as soon as the tech started the Ultrasound she saw that my bladder was WAY too full! She said it looked like I had a gallon in me! ... which is pretty darn close! ha! Of course I would be the over achiever when it came to getting enough fluids! ha! I think I come from a thirsty family, we all are always drinking something constantly!
On to baby news... the tech knew right away that the baby was going to be difficult. First the baby was sitting butt down and cross legged. (I can just imagine it sitting with its arms crossed too saying "No way!") This not only kept us from finding out the gender but the tech from taking her necessary pictures. The baby eventually started moving, but moved right into Brian's favorite sleeping position. On his/her side, curled up tight, with its legs glued shut. The little stinker! We kind of lucked out though that the tech couldn't get her pictures because that means we are allowed another ultrasound.
We did get some good pictures though... one cute one of its feet. I think it has my feet. The toes are spread wide apart... if anyone has ever seen my feet, my toes do not touch each other! I think the baby will share this trait! If its a girl, hopefully her feet don't grow to be as big as my feet though!
In other baby news.... Its heart beat is currently at 154 (Kozlen's love 54!)... and is weighting a whopping 15 oz. According to our book, the average for this "age" is 10.5 oz. I always knew we would be having a big baby!
They also predicted that I would have the baby between Nov 10th-15th... I think 11/11 would be a fun day!! Lets hope for that one, and far away from the 2nd so I can take my test!
In mama news... I am still doing good. I gained another 6 lbs (EEKS!) to put be at +18. I know I am supposed to gain, but holy cow, it is hard to just step on the scale and see jumps like that!!! I am half way through this pregnancy, if I can gain an additional 18 in the second half, I will come out right on schedule for the usual/recommended weight gain... lets see if that happens though!
So our plans to paint the baby room on Friday are getting postponed... Hopefully the 17th will be our lucky day! Only 2 and a half more weeks till we get another try! Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that in the next ultrasound little baby uncrosses his / her legs for you !
    Aunt Nancy

  2. I LOVE 54!!!!!!!



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