Tuesday, June 9, 2009

never ending!

I currently have never ending hunger!!

Its not hunger like "oh, that sounds good, I'll eat it..."

Its the hunger where my stomach is making loud ridiculous growls. I am feeling nauseas like I haven't eaten all day... and its making me lose my mind!

I seriously got up from my desk and walked up and down my isle because I couldn't remember why I got up. I just kept thinking "Did I print something? Do I need to tell Tina something? Do I need to fax something?" Finally Mary Jo, who sits next to me said "What are you doing!?"... I just sat back down because I couldn't remember!

So I went downstairs at 11:00 o'clock to get lunch... I am sure I will be hungry again this afternoon!

Everyone is officially noticing that I am pregnant nowtoo... I keep getting "look at your bump!" or "You are definitely getting a belly!". It is all in very nice ways now.... hopefully it stays that way!

I will have Brian take a picture tonight hopefully! No more self portraits I have decided!

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