Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate cars

After my rough start to my week, as mentioned a few posts ago, I had another rough day.

I think it might have been Tuesday that my check engine light came on when driving to work. Of course I stressed about it.... That evening, driving home, it went off! Yeah!

Wednesday, driving to work, my parking break, air bag, and gas tank light came on.... i figured my dash board must be short circuiting. Again on the way home, they all went off.

Today... Thursday... after a horrible night of sleep (I kept dreaming Brian was cheating on me! ) I get all packed for our mini vacation, get in my car to head to work, and my car wont start!!! GRRR!!!!!

After shedding a few tears... ok... lots of tears... I am pregnant, I can't help it... I called a tow truck to take my car the 1/2 mile to dobbs and my mom drove all the way up to st. Charles from Fenton, just to drive me to work which is back in Fenton. She is wonderful! :) She even stopped and brought me a soda and chocolate donuts to try and cheer me up.

I hate cars! I always have the WORST luck with cars! I think I am cursed! As long as I have known Brian, he has never had any problems with his car... I think I am on my 3rd car since I met him... and they all have had multiple trips to the shop! I would happily live somewhere where I did not have to be dependent on my car! I am dreading getting this bill... I hate spending money on my stupid car!!

This trip to TN is much needed... I am currently waiting for Brian to pick me up from work so we can head on out! I can't wait to get there and have a nice, relaxing, fun weekend!

... but then I have to come back and deal with my stupid car! :(


  1. Hahaha. Not to your poor car situation, but to your dreams of Brian cheating on you. Not that that's funny either, but it made me think of a dream I had a few months ago. I dreamt that Jake was cheating on me, but in my dream he was him, but just in the body of Byron Golden. LOL.

  2. Byron Golden!? Oh my!? The boy from elementary school!?!... ha!



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