Monday, June 1, 2009

just another visit

I had another doctors appointment today...

I peed in a cup.
I was weighted. +6... : (
I had my blood pressure taken. 120/80 :)
I met one of the other doctors.
I asked a few questions.
I heard the heart beat. :)
I left.

It all took a whopping 5 minutes.

Baby and I are both happy and healthy. My pregnancy is all VERY routine.

I have gained a total of 11 lbs now... eeks! Dr. Glass made me feel better though when he reminded me that "Your pregnant, its supposed to happen!". Plus my appointment was a 1:00, rather than my usual 11:00. Because of this time change, I had lunch before going, which I usually dont. I will blame atleast a pound of this weight gain on my lunch. :)

One of the questions I asked was if it was possible for me to become lactosse intolerant. He said most definitely. I have always LOVED ice cream... but the few times I have had it since being pregnant I feel MISERABLE afterwards and it ends up coming back up! I feel the same way after having a few swigs of milk... I now seem to be craving slushies to get my cold fix. I love QTs Black Cherry drink! Yummy!

Ohh! On a more unpleasant note!.... I was given my estimated baby bill! They actually showed me the cost of my appointments, ultrasounds and delivery of a routine pregnancy (luckily this is me! It will cost less! ha!) and showed how my insurance will pay 80% while we will be paying 20% which equals to 430 dollars.... but wait... thats not the only cost of having a baby... we will still be billed by the hospital for our stay and anestiologist! I have heard it will cost about 4000 to have this baby..... darn it! All of you soon to be pregnant people out there... dont forget to add this price into the cost of having a little one! .... luckily I am sure it will be money well spent!!! :)

Now the countdown is on until my next appointment!!! 27 more days until we find out what we are having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ah! i had an appointment yesterday, too! Mine was at 2... and I was early... there was a good chance we would have run into each other if your appointment wasn't only 5 minutes! :)

    Glad to hear you're both okay!

    Aw geez about the money part! I mean, I was aware, but did they actually SHOW you the details besdies the 20% you have to pay? Cuz they didn't show any of that to me... Hmm..

  2. Aww shucks! We missed eachother!

    They gave me the paper that said it was 2100 and something for delivery and appointments, 180 something for the 20 week ultrasound, then 80% is this, and 20% is this.... then it said I could pay 5 payments of 85.97. ... I knew it was coming, but I wasn't expecting it yesterday! ha!

    And Dr. Glass was a handful! He is SOOO outgoing! I dont think I could take him for more than 5 minutes! ha! He was so nice, but so perky and chipper!!!

  3. lol. YES. He is crazy! lol. But really nice though.

    Yeah, we just got new insurance so instead of 5 payments, I have to make 2 payments now? I wonder when they're going to ask for them, lol. I wonder if it will just be at my last two appointments? The one girl at the front desk scares me sometimes, so I don't want to ask her. lol.



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