Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The good and bad

Our anniversary was great!

The trip to TN was much needed, and a wonderful break.

Thursday we got in late, around 1:30 am our time, 2:30 Chattanooga time. The hotel was wonderful and the bed was very welcomed after being stuck in a car for over 6 hrs!

Friday we got up, had lunch, and headed to the aquarium. The Chattanooga aquarium was very nice, slightly over priced, but it made me even more excited for our under the sea nursery! I loved seeing the fish, the stingrays, the sharks, the starfish, the turtles, the octopus, the seahorses, the jellyfish, the alligators, and even the penguins! I, of course, hit up the gift shop and bought an adorable stuffed sea turtle for the baby! :) After the aquarium and 3D Imax movie, we headed back to the hotel for me to take a nap. I definitely started feeling more pregnant Friday. The 3 hrs of walking around made my back hurt, my feet hurt, and my body swell! I had to keep asking Brian for breaks to sit down and rest. After my nap we headed for dinner... we went to a place called Taco Mac which is one of those places with 220 different bottles of beer and 60 beers on draft. Here I received my first pregnant comment from a stranger. Our waitress came over to our table and started telling us about the place and all the beers before she started giggling and said "Im sorry, I just noticed you are pregnant." I was very surprised by this, I was sitting in a chair... I must have really been looking pregnant. ... Anyways, out of the 220+ beers, I figured they might have some fun nonalcoholic beers for me... nope... only O'Douls! I was a little bummed. After dinner we headed to the Chattanooga Lookout's game. The team is a AA minor league team affiliated with the Dodgers. Tickets were only 4 dollars!... but it was HOT!! This also lead to my second stranger pregnancy comment. Because of the extreme heat, we of course wanted to stay hydrated. Brian with beer, me with water or soda. One of the concession stand workers, an old man, responded with "Hey this aint fair, you drinking beer and she can't!" ... Half way thru the game, we couldn't stand the heat any longer and we left. We headed back to the hotel to meet up with Erin and Jeff (the other couple that went to Chattanooga with us. They were celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary). We headed back out to get ice cream and to let the boys have a few beers.

Saturday was another busy day... Brian and I again had a nice lunch and then walked along the river front and around the art museum. At 2, we met up with Erin and Jeff at the hotel. The boys headed out to do some white water rafting while Erin and I headed to the North Shore (across the bridge) on the free shuttle to do some shopping. I would have LOVED to go white water rafting, but they wouldn't let pregnant ladies... darn it! I didn't wait Brian to miss out on the opportunity either, so I was a good wife and let him go without me... The shops reminded us alot of the U City area, and we had a good time looking each shop at the little trinkets. I proudly did not buy anything! :) After 3 hrs of shopping and walking in the heat, we headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for our dinner date. The four of us attended a murder mystery dinner. It was alot of fun! The "theme" was an Italian-Redneck wedding. The "Bride" just loved Brian! At the beginning of the show, Brian accidentally tripped her. She of course wanted to get him back. She continually would come over, shove him and put ice down his shirt. Brian even got up and danced with another character! We had a great time! After dinner we headed to another bar and just enjoyed sitting outside before heading back to the hotel and leaving in the morning.

Our actual anniversary consisted of driving back to St. Louis and just getting ready for work on Monday.... but that was perfectly ok. I can't believe its been a year already! Our next will be here in a blink of an eye!

An update on my car.... it was just the battery!!!!!!! I was so relieved when the said I just needed a new battery! I can totally handle that! Probably anyone that knew anything about cars would have known this right away, but I had no idea! It was a nice surprise to receive that bill!

But on a not so good note.... Last night (Tuesday) Brian and I came home to a HOT house! HOT as in 88 degrees and the AC not working! We packed up and headed to my parents because we knew neither of us would be getting any sleep in the heat. My parents were happy to have us, and it was nice sleeping in my old bed and having breakfast with my parents! I think we might be staying there again tonight. A Gilmore family friend is coming to look at the AC tonight, and I am not getting my hopes up and think that it will be an easy fix. Brian and I are both betting on buying a new AC system! DARN IT!

My mom reminded me that things often come in 3.... for us, it seems like it is money expenses... 1. my car, 2. the AC... what will be 3? Lets hope its just the baby furniture we plan on buying next weekend! :)

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