Monday, April 12, 2010

Do I have a newborn again?

Leah's sleeping habits are getting worse! ... and I am getting completely frustrated!

This is how last night went:

7:00 - had a bottle, was fighting off sleep, put her down in her crib at 7:30. I thought she would
be OUT... she had only 1 nap, (almost 2 hrs long) all day.

8:00 - woke up SCREAMING! I thought I would try the "let her cry it out and see if she settles herself back down to sleep"... I let her cry for about 5 minutes, but then I couldnt take it any longer. I had never heard her cry so hard before! When I finally went in, I saw just how hard she was crying... she had tears streaming down her face and she was almost hyperventilating as she was trying to calm down. I felt HORRIBLE! ... and to make it worse, I have no idea why she was so upset! It seemed like it was seriously just for her binkie! After about 5 minutes, she was back to sleep.

9:00 - she woke up screaming again! This time I went straight in and gave her her binkie, didnt even pick her up and she was back out....

11:35 - woke up again!.. but this time in my sleep deprivation, I thought she clock said 1:35, so I fed her.... Usually I try to only feed her once a night... so she doesnt get used to eating thru-out the night... usually she only gets up once between 1-3 am for that bottle... She quickly drank her 4 oz and then was back to sleep. When I got back to bed and saw the real time, I knew it was going to continue to be a rough night!

3:15 - Up again for her usual bottle.... drank it all quickly and was back down...

5:25 - Up fussing.... I believe Cora the cat was in her crib and had woken her up!!! GRRRR! When Cora does this she is lucky that she is quick and little and can hide bc Im usually so ticked off that she would not want to come near me! ... My alarm clock was about to go off, so I did not want Leah up we rocked for a few minutes until she was back to sleep so that I could get dressed for the day....

6:15 - I got her up, fed 6 oz, and dressed for the day so that we could hurry out the door by 6:45. (I miss Brian being home and taking her at 7:05!)

It stinks bc I cant exactly pin point her problem either! Its even more frustrating that she once a upon a time did sleep thru the night!! Why can we not get that back!?!!?!

I admit... after trying to break her of it... I am still swaddling her... but she is like Huddini and every time I go in to check on her, her arms are out...

I think we might be throwing out the swaddler... seriously this time. I heard it takes 3 days to break them and start a new sleep habit... she is already getting up MULITPLE times a night, and I can barely sleep anyways with Brian out of town... why not attempt this ... again? I can usually get her down initially unswaddled, but sometime thru out the night I end up putting her back in it... this time No. I am going to pack it away in the closet and just do it! Promise.... I hope!

So what if I am sleep deprived this week.... I have a new addiction to Mocha Frappicinos (with an extra shot of espresso) and I can freely feed that addiction this week then.

So lets all hope for better nights! Think happy thoughts and send them our way! She is almost 5 months old and over 16 lbs! She should be able to do this right!?!

Note to my brother - You love to research and learn new things... feel free to research this for me! It will help you eventually too!! - Love your sis!

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