Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Night # 2

Like I said, last night wasnt so bad.... we might have even done something that will help in the long run to get her back to sleeping thru the night!

The night went a little something like this:

6:00 - Bottle.

7:15 - Leah is falling asleep on me while we lay on the couch and watch American Idol.... so I figure I need to put her in her bed.... she sleeps for about 5 minutes and the next time I check on her she is just laying in her crib contently, looking at her seahorse. Awesome! She never just lays in her bed quietly unless her mobile or something is going on!

8:00 - she starts fussing, so I pick her up and rock her for a few minutes and she really goes to sleep.

11:30 - she wakes up... I think its the new 1130 thing... ugg... but I get her quickly back to sleep. I went back to sleep....

2:00 - I wake up to her fussing... I feel like I had just laid down... when I look at the clock, my sleepiness sees 12:00... not 2:00... so I go in her room thinking "ugg! you were just up, why are you up again?" She takes a little bit longer to get back to sleep, but she goes back to sleep after about 5 minutes of rocking. I get back to my room and see what time it really was! I then feel horrible that I didnt give her a bottle.. and she hasnt eaten anything in 8 hours! ... but she is asleep... I cant wake her up to feed her... I figure she will probably be up again within the next hour for that bottle...

5:00 - I wake up on my own to check the clock and see that its almost time for me to wake up, but she is still sleeping, and she still has not eaten in 11 hours! I decided to get her up and feed her and put her back down then, just so that she doesnt get up between 530 and 6 when I am supposed to be getting dressed and ready for the day since Brian is not home to help with her in the morning. So, I go in her room and she is in the back corner of her crib! She must have been rolling all over the place! She drinks her 6 oz, gives me plenty of sleepy smiles which I am sure means "Mommy I love you!! Thanks for feeding me!" and then goes back to sleep until 6:15 when I got her up for the day!

So by the time she went down and I got up for the day... I was only up twice.... thats progress! And her not having a bottle at all is awesome! .... This means her little belly can handle not eating at night and she CAN sleep thru the night! My friend's doctor told her that once her daughter slept thru the night, if the following ngihts she woke up, dont feed her, bc she has already proved that she can make it all night without a bottle and you dont want to start the habit of waking up for one again. You just need to give them a binkie and rock them back to sleep.

Brian will be home tonight.... yeah for an extra hand!! ... and I guess we will try to go for no bottle again! Dont worry I wont starve her though... if she is just refusing to go back to sleep and really acting like she needs that bottle... I wont keep it from her.

Lets hope 3rd times the charm!!

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