Monday, April 26, 2010

Lets make it 2!

Sophie has yet to be found, and after my father n law failed to also find her (remember he is the one that found my keys, phone, and camera when I lost them in my own home) I ordered another... Hopefully she will be here by the end of the week because....

Leah's SECOND tooth is coming in! Yup, the other bottom middle one. Yesterday I noticed her gums being SUPER swollen and today my father n law and daycare mentioned how she had another one coming in... sure enough, tonight, she gave me a big smile and I saw the little line on gums right next to her tiny tooth. Thats 2 teeth in a week!! She is getting so big!

Alright... its been a LONG day... I would love to write more but I am exhausted! Brian is out of town again!... all week and next week too... I am trying to study for my test that is in 17 days! ... and Im just beat...

Good night!

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