Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Night #1

I am sure you are all anxious to hear how last night went....

Well it wasnt half bad....

Leah was not swaddled once!! I did as I said I would and I put it away! ... well in the laundry to get cleaned before getting put away.... but thats besides the point.

The night went a little like this:

7:00 - bottle, rocked for a few minutes, and put down.

8:00 - woke up SCREAMING again.... I have decided that I really think this new cry is actually her "hey! I want attention cry!" so I need to be strong and not give into it so easily! ... anyways, I got her up, rocked for a few minutes, and she went right back down.

11:30 - Up again... this time I saw the clock correctly when I got out ot bed, so no bottle...she has also started this "im tired" moan... where she just moans and whimpers with her binkie in and eyes closed...its kind of cute... anyways I rocked her for a few minutes and then just put her back in her crib. She kept up the moaning, but rolled on to her side so I could rub her back for a little bit before leaving her. I have to admit she is SOOOOOO cute when she is curled up on her side sleeping... I could sit and watch her all night!

2:15 - Up for her bottle... she drank nearly all of it and went right back down. So nice!

4:45 - Up again... just needed some more rocking and back rubbing and she was back down.

6:00 - I got up and in the shower (1/2 hour later than I wanted) and when I got out she was up and crying... but not her "I want attention" cry....

So it wanst horrible... It was alot like the night before...I was never up for more than 15 minutes at a time. I know I need to work on her "crying it out" but we can only do one step at a time... right now its working on the no more swaddling in hopes that it helps with her naps! ... maybe next week we can conquer that next hurdle.

In other news, Leah had a check up this morning on her ears... they looked all clear and she has a clean bill of health! HOORAY! This is about the healthiest she has been since the beginning of Feb!! I can kind of tell too... she is just a much happier baby lately too!! :) Now lets hope she can stay healthy until the fall when the next round of colds and new germy little kids arrive!!

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