Thursday, April 15, 2010

Night # 3

First off... Happy end of tax season!!! I get to spend full weekends with Brian again and he will be home in time to even pick up Leah a few nights a week so I can get some study time, we can eat dinners together again, and Brian can even start BBQing us dinner since he will be home before the sun goes down!! I am so excited!!!

Last night was.....Ok.

8:00 - passed out. I managed to keep her up until Brian got home but she was TIRED! Pretty much as soon as he walked in the door I handed her over, he held her for a few minutes and put her in bed.

12:30 - No 11:30 wake up... it was pushed back an hour... maybe we will slowly get it to 6 am? ha.

2:30 - Managed to skip the bottle again...

4:00 - woke up, first I just gave her her binkie and she went right back to sleep. I didnt even pick her up... but of course 5 minutes after I layed back down she started crying again... I got her up, rocked for a few minutes, put her back down... again 5 minutes after I laid down she was crying... 3rd time going in her room, I gave her the bottle. I just had to show it to her and she was reaching for it. (so cute by the way! She is starting to really reach for things!!) She drank it and was back down.

5:40 - she decided she wanted to get up....I got her up and dressed... and she laid in bed with Brian and I for some family cuddle time... and played for a bit... but by 6:20ish she was tired again and I put her back down until Brian left with her for daycare around 7:00. I knew she was up too early... but oh well.

It was interesting though bc when I put her back down this morning she wasnt falling asleep in my arms, but I knew she was TIRED! ... so I just laid her in her crib. And she actually went back to sleep on her own after a few seconds of rubbing her back and then walking out of her room!! Yeah!! This is a step forward!

I am actually excited for this weekend and to see how she naps! I am hoping I can get her to take a few good naps in her crib!

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