Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating Motherhood

My exam is Thursday.

This weekend was supposed to be filled with studying.

Yes, it is Mother's day weekend, but passing my exam is my number one priority at the moment... or so I thought.

At 10:45 Friday night, 20 minutes after I had went to bed, Leah woke up crying, burning up, with a fever of 102.4.  She just wanted to be held, and I just wanted to take care of her. I brought her into Brian and I's bed, something I RARELY do.  We have gotten rid of our rocker (we had a cheap one, the arms fell off, we threw it away.   We plan to get a super nice lazy boy for the next baby) and the bed seemed like the only logical, comfortable place to comfort my sick baby.

Laying in the crowded bed... Brian, Leah, 2 cats, and me... Leah snuggled into my chest.... I realized THIS IS MOTHERHOOD.

Very little studying was done Saturday, but plenty of mothering took its place.   Lots of cuddling, multiple doses of ibuprofen, continual nose wiping, encouraging her to eat or drink anything possible,even if she only ate fruit snacks and I ran out to get her a smoothie AND a slushie (she had about 5 sips total)..just taking care of my baby girl.

Saturday night was spent with more cuddling in bed, and trying to lower a fever of 103.7.

Leah is my priority, and I dont think I could feel anymore like a mom this Mother's Day weekend.

Being a mom is my number one priority, and the best job in the world.

*** if she spikes another fever tonight, we are headed to the Dr. first thing in the morning....


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  1. It's amazing how those instincts take over and how nothing else matters. That is motherhood. I hope you were able to enjoy your Mother's Day just a little! I hope your little one feels better today!

    New follower from Bloggy Moms! :)



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