Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toddler Summer... Im Ready For You!

I am so excited for summer and envision lots of visits to the park, the zoo, the ballpark, anywhere fun....and in general, chasing around Miss Independent while trying to look like a cool and collected momma.  

I thought a new, cross-body bag, would be the perfect accessory for a mom on the go this summer! 

I wanted something fun, but not too small....

And found the perfect Fossil fit.

Aint she pretty!?
And I even got the matching wallet (which can easily tag along to the beach or pool)
And this adorable keychain  (but in Blue and Pink)

I sort of splurged... but I have not bought a purse in years! (I am extremely spoiled by my mother who often randomly buys me fabulous purses, or gives me her handy down Fossil bags)  I thought I was due the chance to buy a great new bag..... And give me 25% off if I spend 100 dollars.... SURE! 

The catch was it was a pre-sale and I actually have to pick to pick up my purchases on Thursday... strange... but whatever!! 

Ill be darn cute come Thursday!


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