Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Long Road Trip

Last weekend we  hit the road with my parents for Leah's first long road trip.   We headed only 4 hours away to Joplin MO for my cousin's graduation.  

It was the perfect test drive for our trip to Florida next month!

She did way better than I expected in a car.... Laptop for movies is a MUST!

Monster's Inc.... but we eventually turned it to Tangled, and watched it twice... good thing I love it as well!

Getting sleepy...

She also enjoys being read too... the same book... over and over.....

Oh and she "Mooooo"ed the whole trip.  We saw our fair share of cows.... and horses.... who I guess to Leah, mooo as well.

At about the 4 hr mark (right when we were about to arrive) she would start fussing and trying to take her seat belt off.... Good knowledge to know as we head for a much longer trip soon.... Break time every 4 hours!

Her biggest problem of the trip was the hotel room stay.   She did not like her pak n play and waking up to a place she did not know... so after her repeatdely waking up every 20 minutes, I just brought her into bed with myself.... something I do not support. Brian was in the other bed, and did not get much sleep either.  He kept thinking Leah was going to roll off the bed, so he lined the floor with pillows, and woke to check on her constantly.  I love when he gets all protective!

I think we might try Leah sleeping on a cot in FL... it may be horrible... or perfect.  She will be in the same room with Brian and I... she might just end up in bed with us... but I really hope shes so exhausted from the sun and water everyday that she just passes out!

Stayed tuned!


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  1. Laptops are pretty nifty in road trips nowadays. Several years ago, keeping your kids entertained while you're driving can be pretty hard. But laptops have certainly made things easier. They're more or less essential for long trips, as well as keeping your car ready to endure the long drive.



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