Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Play Ball!

As our time outside is increasing...I am trying to find ways to entertain Leah without getting anything too big (playhouse or swingset) while we try to sell our house.  Once we do move, a playset will be our first purchase.... but until then.....

I did pick up the Little Tikes T-ball set.

Leah immediately picked up the balls and bats, and was intersted in playing.  

She doesn't always use 2 hands.... or hit the ball..... but she is loving it, and its a start!  

I love this one!   I am sure we can compare it to her future softball pictures! Too cute!

And the box says its for 1.5 years and up...

And a few videos.... because I think its just too cute and it will be fun to look back on someday!    (I am slightly embarassed by how we are already coaching her as I say "two hands!") oh well.... Brian and I were both brought up this way, and I think team sports and being coachable teaches life long lessons!

I love how proud she looks after hitting the ball that last time!  


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