Monday, May 23, 2011

Donkeys! Not Monkeys!

We finally made it to the zoo!!

And I have to say I think we picked the perfect day!   We arrived right after the park opened, it was still overcast, with a chance of storms (it never actually rained and the day was BEAUTIFUL). 

The animals were definitely out and lively!

It took Leah a little while to warm up... she is scared of big dogs... and big animals (A rhino totally looks like a dinosaur! I would be scared too!) and it took her a little while to realize that they could not get her... but she loved seeing them!   We heard "More" over and over as she requested seeing more animals.

Best part of the day was when we walked by the donkeys and I said "Look Leah! Donkeys!" and she immediately put her hands in her arm pits and said "oooo ooo ooo".  It took me a minute to realize what she was doing (we have never heard her say any monkey noises).  "No! They are DONKEYS!  Not MONKEYS!"

And now for the pictures....

I have to say there were pregnant ladies and happy little families of 4 all over the place! It did not help with my internal battle I am currently fighting of when to have baby #2.   I hope to write about it soon... as our plan changes daily...and it really is starting to stress me out!


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