Sunday, May 29, 2011

My flag is waving

I did it.

I caved.

I pulled out my white flag.

Mission Break the Binkie was a fail....

Friday went great! Brian's parents watched her, and kept it away from her. Friday night she took a little while to go down, but finally did... woke up once or twice (I am honestly too tired to remember) but was up early Saturday morning.

Saturday started off pretty well.... as best as it can at 5:15 am on a Saturday.  It quickly began to head south when we realized that she would not nap!

Laying with her, cradling her, carrying her, walking her, more milk, crying it out,  Brian even tried driving her around for a while, and still nothing!   She was getting more and more tired as the day went on... and more and more crabby... and Mommy was doing the same!    

Around 11:45 we were informed of a showing from 1-3.   Great for attempting to sell a house, not so great when you have to take a tired and crabby girl out of the house (cleaning it before we go) for the next few hours!

We drove around for a while, where she FINALLY caught about 15 minutes of sleep.... and then we took her into the model home of the house we want to build.  As we sat in the family room, contemplating how we would want to arrange our furniture, Leah decided to get in a fight with the coffee table.  Things didnt end well, and Leah came out with a blood nose!   I saw her go down, and then saw the horrible, silent scream where you know they are REALLY hurt. We grabbed her, made sure she was semi OK, and ran out of there!

We headed back home where we thought for sure we could get a late nap in..... Nope, still didnt happen!

To keep her busy we headed outside to play and BBQ dinner.   By the time dinner came around she was only wanting to sit in my lap, eyes barely opened,  talking and singing to herself....  She was tired drunk!! Brian and I had never seen her this ridiculous!

From this point on, (6 pm) Leah repeatedly would fall asleep, wake up, act completely slap happy, and pass out again.  This continued until 12:50 am where I finally caved...

I was SOOOOOOOOOO tired.   Leah was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. And she just could not stay asleep!   She would lay down crying, pretending to suck on her imaginary binkie, even to a point where it sounded like she was grinding her teeth.   She was so pitiful looking.   She reminded me of a newborn baby, routing for food... I just had to give in.

Going cold turkey just didnt work......... Brian and I promised that we will be strict on the nap and bedtime ONLY for a few weeks and try again... Maybe I will be stronger that time... and Leah will be more ready.   Maybe we will try the "cutting" technique?

I am upset and bummed about giving in..... but if you saw how miserable Leah was yesterday, you would have done it too.... Hopefully it will be easier next time....

Or atleast Ill keep thinking that....



  1. Don't worry too much. Both of mine had their pacifers until after age 2. It really didn't damage them at all! I really wanted to get my first to stop using hers after age one, but it was a losing battle.

  2. Aww, so sad! Logan still uses his, and he'll be 2 in a couple of weeks! I keep saying we need to break him of it, but I don't even want to attempt it yet. I know I probably should, but if it falls out of his crib when he's sleeping and he wakes up, he cries for it and yells, "Uhhh binkeeeeee!"
    I'm trying to limit it to naps/bedtime, too. We've weaned him from all the time use, to car use, to now just sleep us. I just don't know when to pull the plug on that one, though!



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