Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am beginning to see why Toddlerhood can be so difficult.

Leah is really at an awesome age, but at the same time she has me struggling to keep my patience.

She has found her desire to be independent. 

She needs her hands wiped off… she has to do it.   Her face cleaned? She can do it.   Nose wiped… her. (And then she has to wipe yours)   Throw her diaper away… she has too.   She wants to close the doors, open the doors… put on her shoes, put on her clothes, do her own hair…. The list goes on.

Except she cant fully do any of these things yet… But if I try to help, or clean her more, put her shoes on her, dress her…. SCREAMING persists.

My patience are continually being tested lately.

And lets add in the fact that Leah has begun speaking more… but not enough for us to fully understand her.   It causes frustration on both ends when we cant understand what she is wanting.   I always end up listing everything under the moon, watching her shake her head no, because I cannot make sense of what she is pointing too and trying to mumble…

Oh and might I add... Leah has become a biter.... 2 reports now, 2 days in a row... of Leah biting her friends....  When I hear the news, I dont know what to do... what do  I say? "Im sorry?"  ... tell her "We dont hurt our friends." ... She just doesnt know what to do with her own frustrations.... 

And this weekend I have committed to taking away the binkie…………………………………………………………. Please help me!   I am about to add to my frustration level!

The other day we FINALLY met the family across the street who we knew had a little girl around Leah’s age. (We are not horrible neighbors… its been winter, we never seemed to be outside at the same time…. But we both agreed that we had wanted to meet for like a year!)   We thought the little girl was younger than Leah as she looked much smaller, and walked a little less confidently… they thought Leah was older, as she had much more hair and just seemed bigger…. Turns out, Avery is 2 months older…. And immediately they RAN off playing.   Leah has always been more advanced in the motor skills/physical area…. Not a talker.  Avery is the opposite… a TALKER… but not as graceful on her feet.  It was very evident as Leah ran circles around her, down the street; thru the yards… my child is a RUNNER!  I seriously spent the whole time chatting with Stacie, saying a few words… RUNNING to chase Leah down…. And trying to remember where I was in conversation.   I am so excited that Leah now has a new friend in the neighborhood! It was seriously ADORABLE seeing how the immediately started looking at rocks together, throwing them into the street, running, then crawling after each other, and fighting over their cars.  Plus Stacie seemed super nice, and I look forward to getting to know her as well!

Back to the frustrations ….and the Binkie….     

As Avery and Leah played, and Stacie and I got to know each other, Scott, Stacie’s husband pulled into the street.   The first comment he made to Leah was “What’s in your mouth?!”   Not the greatest first impression at all… and I know that he thought Leah was older than his 20 month little girl… I would have thought the same thing…. (thought, key word)…. But it just made me realize that yes, she is 18 months and its time to kick the habit!

I figure this weekend will be better than any… a 3 day weekend…. Time to keep her super busy and distracted…. WE HAVE TO DO THIS!

Hopefully you don’t find me curled in the corner, waving the white flag……..

I am a MOM! I can handle this! ...

 I must, or I might never survive the teenage years!


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  1. um, hi. I know of this toddler stage you are speaking of and frustration? Yep. Check. Check and check!!!

    Except mine is a wild boy who wants to tear out each of the 100 baggies in the box, rip our plant to pieces, and run around the house with underwear on his head ;)



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