Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was completely heart broken when we first heard the news that our buyer fell thru.

After a lot of talking, moving back into the house, and buying a few new things for the house I am 100% OK with whatever is in store for us.

Thursday night Brian and I finally had the chance to really talk about what we felt and what we wanted to do.   We realized that if we have to stay in St. Charles, in this house, we will be OK... great even.   We have always been saving, saving, saving for the future, but for once we might be able to enjoy our money a bit.   Currently we can easily afford this house.   We decided to put Leah in the new daycare for a variety of reasons (I am saving it for another post) but it will truly allow us to save AND have some fun for once! If we are still here at Christmas we plan to do a bit of work to the house that we have always wanted to do as a gift to ourselves. Knock down a half wall?  New floors?  Larger baseboards?  Plus I can get a NEW car next summer! Whoohooo!! I am thinking a Traverse?

The weirdest thing is Thursday night when we came back to the house from my parents, I actually felt really good about it.... like I was back home.   I was excited.   I was  happy.  I was feeling great about our future.

Then Friday morning we had to head out to the new house for our pre-construction meeting, ya know in case someone does come along in the next few months and wants to buy our house and we do move..... and seeing the foundation.... going over our dream house, I was almost back to my original position of "I really really want to move!"

Up and down.

Back and forth.

Today we moved some furniture back to "stage" the house.   Monday the house is back, ready for showings, and an open house next weekend has already been scheduled. It felt great to move back, re-organize my kitchen, rearrange furniture... like we were moving into a new place.  We bought a new,smaller,  230 dollar, kitchen table to better fit our kitchen area.   (Our previous table was awesome, but way too big for the space).    Brian also finally bought his old man, leather recliner.   The changes are exciting.   The house feels new and great.   We feel revived....

I honestly have NO IDEA what I really want anymore.

I know I do really want this whole moving process to be over though.   The one thing I dread about staying is the fact that we still will go thru this all again.   We really want to move before Leah starts Kindergarten.   But if we have to wait 3-4 more years, hopefully I will have my designation by then (really I will almost have too... otherwise I will have a new job) and I will be making about 60% more than I am now so maybe we can afford an even more fabulous house? Or a house in Fenton rather than Eureka.... because we all know my heart is really in Fenton.

So where will we be spending the holidays?   Only time will tell.... I am just riding the roller coaster that is the real estate market.  It could be an interesting next few months.


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