Sunday, July 17, 2011

Change of Venues

Friday came and went with Brian and I a ball of nerves.  We both checked our emails constantly, checked our phones....    Finally at 8pm we received the request for an extension.... till Tuesday.

Part of me wonders why just 4 more days?! Why not just say till the end of next week? The thought of going thru the same rollercoasters again makes me sick.  Asking till Friday I think would give a little more cushion...

I was so bummed yesterday about not getting to move I could barely stand being in the house.   When I was at home, I was mad. I was grumpy. I had to get out.   We went to the park, visited Brian's grandmother, did a little shopping, went to dinner...

This morning we packed up some of our stuff and moved to my parent's.  They are out of town for the week, and with our schedules this week it was just easier to be at my parents.  (The first non-relative will be babysitting Leah Wednesday. I am kind of super nervous about it!)

I really hope we wont be going back to our house.... I hope last night was our last night in St. Charles... I think if we have to head back to that house I will do the big ugly cry the whole drive there...

If we do not hear that our buyer has loan commitment Tuesday we plan to put it back on the market, but allow the current buyer to have it if he ever gets his stuff together... We keep hearing that all transactions are having problems with loan commitments.  Its just a sign of the times. So who knows if the next buyer will be any better..

Friday also brought the news that they finally began construction on the new house.  We are about to head out to see our hole.  Part of me doesnt even want to see it until after Tuesday. I dont want to get my hopes up even more... I hope so much that it will get to be our future home!!

So everyone think happy thoughts come Tuesday.  I already know it will be a good day.  A fabulous time will be had with my best friend of 23 years at the NKTOBSB concert!! Lets hope we also get to celebrate some good news!


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