Friday, July 22, 2011


It was totally the best concert ever!!   I cant not explain the amazing-ness of it!   Maybe the was the fact that it was 2 groups I loved when I was younger.... singing all their old, favorite songs,.... or the very handsome fellows.... or our awesome seats?... But OMG it was the best night I have had in a long time!

Me and my BFF Ashley.   I think she is more like my sister than anything else.   Always there.   2 hrs in between us and busy lifes but the second we are together its like we are 14 again!  
My Shoester from GLEE!!!!! 

I was within 5 feet of Nick... and then Jordan.... and then inches from Howie. I almost touched him but then i tripped over my chair.... I should of just let myself wipe out because then maybe he would helped me up..... see totally reverting to my 14 year old self!   Its funny how I went right back to that point in my life!

And a few videos.... Our seats where 7 rows from the circle in the middle.... awesome!

I am in the bottom corner at the beginning of this video! ha!

AWESOME!! Totally going everytime they come to town in the future!!   Its 100% worth the money!

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