Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know I am over due on a post regarding vacation…. I need to do it before the memories begin to escape me…  I also probably need to make a post to just discuss how awesome Leah is right now…

But I am just WAY TOO stressed out right now to even calm down enough to think about anything beyond our house situation.

Tomorrow should have been our closing date…. But here we are, still in our house, waiting to hear if we will even get to close.  

We are getting uncomfortably close to our next deadline… the loan commitment date of our buyer.   We have yet to hear good news… or the request to push the date back even further.   

I think the wait, the stress, the living without furniture, is starting to wear on Brian and I.    We are both losing hope.

I am unsure of what exactly Brian and I want to hear since the likely hood of hearing that our buyer is ready to close and we are progressing in this process is very small.

Do we want this buyer to just give up?  Give us the chance to put our house back on the market and hope for the best? 

Do we want the request to wait it out a few more weeks?  A few more weeks has to do the trick right!?  We could be out of here atleast by Aug… Right?

And all while we sit and wait… we have been slowly progressing on building our the house.  We have picked out the lighting, the faucets, the appliances, the siding, the roof, the shutter colors, the paint colors… but will it be ours?!   We have the pre-construction meeting next Friday… depending on our news this week, there may be no need for us to even show up.

In the middle of everything that does not seem to be going our way, I can’t help but to want to find some positivity.   I am an optimistic person by nature.  I like to see the good in things, but this has knocked me down a bit.    … They were supposed to have started buildingour the new house 3 weeks ago…. But here we are… and the digging has yet to begin… maybe this is how it is all supposed to be going. Maybe the house will begin construction when we know we are safely out of this one.   Maybe everything will just fall into place.

I truly believe things happen for a reason… maybe this is all just going according to someone else’s plan?

**** Update: I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it did not post.... We did hear an update, with some promising news, but we still do not want to get our hopes up.   


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