Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Freak Out In 5...4...3...2...

The new deadline for the loan commitment came and went yesterday without  good news....

Not only was our buyer unable to get his financing, he showed another sign of not being able to get it anytime in the near future.

We made the miserable, depressing, aggravating decision to put the house back on the market.

We will still allow the buyer to have the house if he ever gets finances taken care of, but until then we will hope for a new buyer who already has all his ducks in order.

I was very upset when I heard the news yesterday, but was able to quickly to forget about it by having an amazing night with my BFF and 9 handsome hunks who go by the name of NKOTBSB.   I will post about it soon... like how we were in the 7th row and I reverted back to my 14 year old self.  Best night in a long time... .  but Ashley had to leave today and the stress of life quickly hit me head on...

We have to move back!?

We have to make our house look civilized so that someone wants to say "Yes, I want to live here too!"  This means moving some furniture back... but how much?  Keeping the house clean again. Having showings and open houses?!

Do we try to get back to normal?  Or do we continue on the hope that we will be moving soon?

What about Leah's daycare?  My mom is going back to work in 2 weeks.... Does Goddard still have an opening for her?

And what about that house we are building?  And the pre-construction meeting on Friday?

Oh and I think my camera might have finally died last night.... yeah.... at the beginning of the concert, where I was 7th row..... I guess I didnt really need 80 pictures of the guys.... but buying a new camera?

And my car needs new tires, and is maybe leaking something.... when can I find time to get that fixed?

And for some good kind of stress, my BFF Ashley asked me to be her matron of honor! .... but the wedding is in 3 months!   Showers, bachelorette party, speech planning.... GO!

I am already freaking out... and beginning to feel that crazy anxiety because I need to just control something... anything....Mini melt down might be near.  

I was able to semi figure out the problem of daycare though.... I called Goddard and they have any opening for Leah!!! She can start back Aug 1st or later if we want..... It will be nice to get a little normalcy back into our life... BUT.... while I was waiting to hear about Leah's spot I called another daycare... Their price is half of what we usually pay.... part of me wants to maybe send her there in hopes it is only for a little while and we can save some money for the new house since the plan of staying at my parents and saving money while the house is being built is kind of shot... But what if we dont sell our house and Leah is stuck at this little daycare and missing her chance to become awesome at Goddard?!

There is some major decision making that needs to be done in the Gilmore household....  Hopefully I no one finds me curled up in a corner, waving my white flag, wanting to give up.... because at the the moment that is really what I want do.


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  1. Aw, Kim. I'm sorry to hear all of that. It'll get better though! Who knows, maybe that guy will get his stuff together! And if not, maybe you'll get a bite from someone else. You got an offer on your house pretty quickly - I'm sure other people will love it as well!
    Good luck with everything! :)



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