Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project Move Part.... I have no idea

I am stressed out the wazooo with this house stuff.

We seemed to have hit a little bump in the road. 

We should be closing on our current house July 14th... it has been pushed back 2 weeks. 

Our buyer seemed to have a little issue... with the IRS.... which is preventing him from getting a loan committment until its taken care of.   We are told its small... it will be taken care of.   They promised him they would get his release letter to him by the 14th...

But what if its all a lie?  What if we have to wait months more? What if he has to pay thousands of dollars, and in the end, cant buy our house?

Yes, I would be extremely disappointed... but add in the fact that we have already moved 75% of our stuff out of this house, we have taken Leah out of daycare, we have a new house that is about to begin construction... We wont have the scare of 2 house payments because they will sell our house as an inventory home if something happens, but this is our dream house and we dont want to some day drive past it thinking "That was supposed to be ours...." 

We are worried.

This is all such a roller coaster....

We had everything planned out so perfectly...

When we first received the contract on our house I was talking with my wise, older brother about our plans for this move.   He replied "Of mice and men".  I had no idea what he was talking about.... then he kindly told me, "the best laid plans often go awry."

Serisouly... does that not sound like a wise older brother?  Who says things like that?

And why does he have to be right!?!


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