Monday, January 23, 2012

House Tour - Part 2

I finally got around to take some pictures at night.....

Here is the rest of the downstairs...

Just a fraction of our long entry way.... I hope to get a small table to put under the mirror in the future. 

Master bedroom.
Of course the kitty is sleeping on the clean clothes on the bed.... 

The only wall decor have up is our wedding photo.... I wanted to put a large mirror on the wall with the light switch, but the darn light switch is right in the middle!!!!! UGG. 

Master bath.... closet at the back, toilet room to the right.
I love our bathroom, but my one complaint is that its so big, it never gets hot and steamy during a shower so its freezing when you get out! I miss having a nice warm bathroom to keep me warm in the mornings. 
To DO: 
  • I want to do some tiling around the bathtub.  Remember I love tile, and when Leah takes a bath in there (its like a swimming pool for her) she gets water all over the wall!

The sinks.  I also want to do a little tiling here around the sink... 

The family room and breakfast room.  We love the windows. 

From above..... desperately needing wall decor. 

In General.... our house needs some major C-O-L-O-R!!  We will get there.... stuff is expensive!!  I am anxious to see what the house looks like a year from now...


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  1. You should get a little space heater and turn it on in the bathroom when you get in the shower and it will be warm. I just love your new house and the snoop in me loves peeping at all of the rooms!



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