Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Things Leah Says

Because we are entering the age of awesome sayings... I must document!

At 8 am Saturday morning (Brian got up with Leah at 6:30 while I slept in. It was AMAZING!)
Leah: 2 cookies?
Me: No, not now.
Leah: 10 minutes?

Sunday morning while still in our PJs....
Leah: We go shopping.
Leah a few minutes later: We go to Target.
Leah a few more minutes later: We have a party.... for me.... with cake!
Me: Oh really?

Sunday afternoon, Leah fell asleep in the car (after refusing to take a nap all day) on our way to Kirklands. I had just parked the car and was opening up her door to pull her out.
Me: Ok Leah, time to get up! Lets go shopping
Leah half asleep: No shopping. Drive around more mommy.

And a conversation with my sister because sometimes she says the funniest things and what are big sisters supposed to do!?
 Background: We were at lunch and she was telling me about the new boy in her life..... oh the life of a 20 year old....
Me: So what is he going to school for?
Jessica: Radio-ology
Me: [blank stare].... Uhhhhh you mean Radiology?
Jessica: No. RADIO- OLOGY
Me: No,  I think its RADIOLOGY! Like x-rays and ultrasounds and stuff?
Jessica: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no wonder he laughed at me when I said it.


  1. I love the "lets drive around mommy". So cute.

  2. Graham has been at daycare during the day. I usually pick him up around 4, so it is the 4-6 hour that is crazy. I try to make dinner, feed Gwen, and get dinner ready before John gets home. Then Graham poops in his underwear twice. :) (tonight was especially bad). TO make matters worse, the week after next John is traveling for work ALL week. I don't know how I will survive.



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