Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 1 Complete

The problem I always have when it comes to anything is I create a picture in my head of exactly what I want.... clothing and house decor mostly... and then I shop and shop and shop and never find anything that is exactly what I want, or in my price range.

From the time we started building this house I knew I wanted a big sunburst silver mirror in the entryway, across from the office.  I looked forever for the perfect one but they were always too small, too crazy, or over a hundred dollars, something I was not willing to spend.

On MLK Day, while I was enjoying some shopping, I found the PERFECT mirror at Garden Ridge.... but it was Black.... but only 59.99!

I guess I was feeling courageous because I actually had the thought "I can buy it and spray paint it silver!"   For some reason I never had the fear of  "What if I waste 60 dollars!?"

So bought it I did... and some spray paint... and home I went to get to work!

It took Brian 6 days to finally put it up for me... but I couldn't be more in love... with Brian or the Mirror.


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