Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whoa time flies

1/2 way done with this pregnancy already!

Definitely pregnant.... and I feel like alot more than 20 weeks....

You know the first time you blow up a balloon, it goes a little slow and is hard to stretch.... but each time afterwards its super easy.... I read that pregnancy is that way. The first time takes a while to show, but afterwards you can quickly stretch and grow out there. I feel like I can proof this point.

Anywho... its been a while ...

I started on my FAP modules rather than my next exam.   This way I have my job for the next 18 months for sure, and no fear of losing it if I do horribly on my next exam!   Im having a little bit of a problem since its not the same sort of studying... its alot of reading. Its nice that its different but I actually miss exam studying!  I am also having a hard time making myself do it since I know I have so long to get it done... but my goal is to get thru the first 5 before the baby arrives.... I need to stay on track!

Leah.... her imagination is out of control lately!   She LOVES to dress up in her princess dresses and then slow dance with me.  I think its all because of Beauty and the Beast. She loves when Belle finally puts on her princess dress and dances with the beast.

She loves to change her babies diapers.   The things she says to them cracks me up!  "You're icky, I change you."   She has a little changing table set up on top of her box of diapers too. Its adorable.

I have also caught her having a dinner party with her dolls at her little table.   She even put a blanket down as a table cloth, cooks up a meal in her kitchen, and tells her dolls "eat, eat".

I wish I had pictures of her adorable-ness, but everytime I take the camera out she yells at me and comes running at me.  Hopefully this phase passes soon! I miss the "Cheese!", big goofy smile phase!

Her memory has been amazing me too lately.  We usually get home about an hr and a half before Brian in the evenings. Leah usually asks to go ride her bike in the basement and I usually respond "When daddy gets home he will take you downstairs to ride your bike." This gives me time to finish up dinner.   As soon as Brian walks in the door she asks him to go ride her bike.    Then this weekend Leah woke up at 615 in the morning and wanted to take the recycling out to the garage.   Of course its FREEZING out and I say "when daddy gets up."  At 8 am when Brian came out of the bedroom Leah freaked out, ran to the recycle stuff, and yelled at Brian to help her.

Then last night when I brought her home from daycare she picked up the book "Green Eggs and Ham." Its a book that usually hangs out in the car and we have not read together very much.   She opens it up, without me even saying anything about the name of the book, and just starts "reading" and saying "Ham ham, me no like-y ham".  She seriously amazes me!

We are working a little more on potty training. She has gone a few more times at daycare, and her sheet usually says "PA" (potty attempt).  At home she loves to sit on the toilet and use up all of the toilet paper.   I have stopped putting her in jeans so that she can freely take her pants on and off herself for when she does want to try and go.... But I feel like we are at a stand still. I dont think she is fully ready yet, but definitely getting closer!  Anytime I ask her "Will you use the potty today?!" she always responds "No diapers!"  The past few nights though she has woken up a few times a night. As soon as she gets up she tells me she went to the bathroom and needs a new diaper. I am curious is she knows she went and wakes up, or if she wakes up bc she needs to go and then goes once she gets up and out of bed.  .... We will get there.


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  1. I just clicked over from Heir to Blair, and it looks like we are due around the same time. I have a two-year-old daughter and am expecting a little boy in late May!



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