Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Tour Part 3 - Let's be real

It took me forever to get pictures because I had to take them at night....

But at night is when we are home.... when the 2 year old tornado, who can destroy a room in record time is home.

So let's be real... the house is never clean at night.

Ok, Ok... the house is pretty much never perfect.  

I am a working mom who also studies 10+ hrs a week on a low side.

I am not a perfectionist.

I do not have OCD.

We live in this house.

And this is how the upstairs looks...

Very lived in.

The loft... The toy room....
I have big plans for this place in my head.... but again that takes lots of Moolah. I would love to paint  one of the walls in chalk board paint, get a fun rug, colorful wall decor, more storage... someday. 

This would be baby #2's future room. 
When we moved all baby items were just thrown into this room... then Leah will go in there randomly and play with the toys. 
Just looking in there gives me anxiety.  Im dreading sitting down and going thru it all and organizing it, and really getting it prepared for this baby who will be here in a little over 4 months! EEKS! 

The kid's bathroom.  I love that it has a separate door for the toilet and shower. I can definitely see 2 girls (assuming this baby is a girl and they are 2 years apart in school) getting ready for school, or homecoming, or prom, at these sinks in the future.  It will be here before we know it... 

Leah's room.  
Its huge. I think its about the size of our old master bedroom.  
Right now she does not have much furniture.... we transitioned her to a big girl bed by first doing a mattress on the floor.  She has moved up to the mattress and box springs, and will soon move on to the actual bed.  She also has a bookshelf and desk that is waiting to be painted white someday.  I hope for warmer weather, but then I will be majorly pregnant, and then have a new baby.... someday. 

This is Leah's closet. Its HUGE!  I am standing in a far corner of it which also has some shelf space. 
Each of the bedrooms in this house have HUGE walk in closets.  Its one of the reasons we loved this floor plan.  It will be great as the kids get older. 
And look... there's her bed! 

More of Leah's room.. and of course Leah jumping on her bed. 
I am not sure if I have ever mentioned but my child is a jumper! She jumps and hops all over the place! Constantly! 

A view of the loft when we walk out of Leah's room... 

And the guest bedroom... 
This is where Brian and I will probably be taking turns sleeping once the baby gets here. Having a master bedroom downstairs and a new baby upstairs was one negative to this house, but we know we will love it that way once we get past these baby stages. 

And for a few random pictures of the house that I did not put up with the downstairs... 
Kitchen looking into the family room. 
And yes, that is Leah on the counter.... Look at all that hair! I finally scheduled her first hair cut for mid February.

From the love seat... looking down our long entry way.  It really is LONG! 
Yesterday a girl scout rang the door bell while I was sitting here.  As I got up to walk to the door, she continued to put her little face in the window and watch me the whole time. It was slightly awkward. You almost feel like you need to run to the door when someone rings the bell. 

So there you have it...  The house we love. 

Its crazy to think that even a brand new house there is so much more we want to do to it.   

I look forward to comparing these pictures to next year, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years from now.

The evolution of our home... 


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