Friday, January 20, 2012

Just like Big Sis

Remember when it took us 3 tries to find out Leah was a girl....

Today was the day for our anatomy scan ultra sound.

I thought there was no chance that we would have problems finding out with our second pregnancy.

But I guess baby 2 is more like their sister than we think....

Baby's legs were stretched out and glued together.

The ultrasound tech tried a few little pokes and pushes to get the baby to move.

Move the baby did...

It crossed its legs.

It was like the baby was saying "Yep, not doing it!"

I have stubborn children.

Luckily the tech was unable to get any pictures of the baby's feet so we get to have another ultrasound and another chance to find out if we will be welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl.

I originally thought I did not want to know.

But now that I feel the baby, I need to give it a name.

And I need to know for preparation reasons!

If I know its a girl, I can search thru the buckets and containers of baby clothes we have to see if anything will work for a baby girl in June.  

If its a boy I need to get shopping.

I know I can always buy neutral... but where is the fun in that!?

And for a little stats... because you know me...

Baby is weighting in at 13 oz. (70th percentile)  Heart rate of 167.

Leah, at the 20 week ultrasound came in at 15 oz (90th percentile)

This time around I have only gained 10 lbs (WHOOOHOOO!!!) while last pregnancy I was over 15 lbs at this time.   It looks like carrying a 35 lb 2 year old around, up and down steps, can help keep the weight off!

Until March 1st....


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  1. awww! The baby just wants to keep it's secret a little longer :) I couldn't find your email on your blog but I wanted to know if you were interested in being featured in this baby/mama series I am doing on my blog! Contact me if you are! :)



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