Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Leah has been 3 for 10 days already. 

Its amazing to think how far she has grown in the last year. 

She is just this little talking, funny, sneaky, stubborn, silly, innocent, kind little person. 

I know 3 is infamous for the bipolar crazy tantrums. 

And she definitely has them. 

She wines and cries at the drop of a hat. 

And turns it off as quickly as it came on. 

She is SOOOO demanding! 

She drives me completely BATTY most of the time. 

When she is wanting attention she loves to say "Damn it" ...

(Thanks Grandma Kozlen for teaching her that one!) 

Or tell us "You are not supposed to say "Damn it". 

Because then you know, she doesn't really get in trouble for saying it. 

She loves to make up games and stories. 

I usually just follow along saying "uhhuh... yeah." 

She started dance class at daycare and is loving it. 

You can catch her dancing around randomly.

Do not ask her to actually dance for you though because she will always refuse. 

Since we had her friends over for her birthday she asks for them to come over and go places with her ALL THE TIME. 

She might just be a little social butterfly in the making. 


Monday we had her 3 year check up. 

41.5 inches tall (99.5th percentile)
41 lbs. (98.26th percentile)

Making her own growth chart... 

If there were 200 3 year olds in a room, Leah would most likely be the second tallest. 

I probably would have the same probability if I was in a room full of 28 year olds really... 

Just like her momma. 

In probably way more ways than 1! 

Cannot wait to see the little girl, teenager, and woman she will become. 


  1. Beautiful post... Three is so fun! Watch out! :)

  2. She is so cute! Her hair has the most gorgeous color to it!!



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