Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday: Week 7

Shirt: Target - atleast 3 years old
Scarf: Walmart - Also atleast 3 year old
Jeans: Target - Like a month old! HERE
Boots: Nordstroms HERE

I guess I was feeling a little patriotic today....

Happy Election day!

After posting my What I Wore Tuesday post last week I received a really cool email...


I had mentioned my undershirt was from Kohls.

The email was very kindly requesting that I link to their website when I can.

Then she gave me a discount code to use to help replinish my wardrobe since I was complaining of needing to go shopping because nothing fit.

And I get to share the code...


Use it at www.kohls.com to get 10% off your purchase!

And the best part is you can stack it ontop of other discounts.

That 30% off coupon when you use your kohl's card...

Just became 40%!!

The code is good until Dec 23rd too!

I will definitely be doing some shopping at Kohl's VERY soon!

Thanks Kohls!


  1. Um... you are looking fan.flippin.tastic. I mean you are SMOKIN!!! You should be so proud. I love the color combo too.

  2. I love Kohls! And you are TOO DANG CUTE!

  3. I want some boots!! Too hot here for scarves I'd die lol



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