Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Party!

The 3rd Birthday was a hit!

I wanted to focus more on the kids and I think they had a great time.

I'll just over load you on pictures...

We gave Leah her first gift in the morning to keep her entertained while we prepared for her party at 10:30.  It was The Lorax. She LOVES this movie and was so shocked/excited to get it. I love her face here! 

Mommy and the birthday girl!  I think we look alot alike here.. 

Attempt at a family picture.... We need to get Brian and his mini me to look a little more excited!  Come on guys! 

Bounce in the basement!  ... Maybe a few injuries. Boys are rough! 

The babies of the group. ... and my mom with Brian's grandma. 

Opening gifts is always a team effort at age 3. 

Leah and her school friends. 

Everyone having fun. 

Leah got embarassed with us signing to her...

Stinking love this picture! ... and she refused to blow the candle out... 

Cakes, Cupcakes, and build your own sundae time! 

Disney hair items was hit! .... pretend blow dryer, curler, straightener, brush... 

Pinata time!

Brayden, the kindergardener from next door went last and finally broke open the pinata. 

Mad dash to the goodies! 

Testing out her new scooter from Mom and Dad on a gorgeous November day! 

Happy Birthday baby girl!

You are loved beyond words! 


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  1. Ahh I love them all!! But my favorite is the one on the scooter, what a great memory it will be for her! :)



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