Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Oh Thanksgiving.

You were one for the memory books.

5k was fabulous.  I will share details on that adventure soon.

Thanksgiving day in general was pretty fabulous.

People I love.

Yummy food.

My brother asked us to make a face about our feelings on "parenting".... I probably had been drinking. ha

Kickball game after dinner.

Leah and my 7 year old cousin Gabby feeding the Llamas... my cousins bought them for a dollar when they were younger and they have moved many times with the family. ... and maybe Leah's hair is a little like her cousins!?

Sibilings... bummed its out of focus. 

And just hanging around the kitchen.

yeah.... drinking... 
stern Brown faces... and then my brother. 

Thursday night... or really Friday morning is when things went down hill...

Leah woke up off and on early in the night crying about a turtle in the room trying to get her.

Nightmares about my cousins pet turtle that Leah was obsessed with!

2:30 am Emie woke up from coughing.

Fed her her bottle and layed down on the couch (we stayed in the apartment like hotel) bc her breathing seemed a little funny and Croup is going around her class.

Around 3 I heard the cursed noises of vomit...

Leah puked all over herself, blankie and hotel bed!

Middle of the night bath.

Stripped the bed and pulled out new bedding from the closet.

Emily was up from all of the commotion.

Leah puked more.

Emily was up more.

Leah puked again.

Emily up again.

An endless cycle until 730 when we were all up.

But Leah's puking did not end.

We headed back to my Aunt & Uncles strictly so we could do laundry.

Leah had puked on every single thing I brought for her.

And I knew the blankies were needed for the drive home.

We finally decided to make the trip home and survived with minimal puke in the car.

I hated seeing my baby girl so very sick!

But she definitely had a great time playing before it all hit.

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