Friday, November 9, 2012

Sisterly Love

I forgot to mention that in Emily's 5th month she had another first...

A first injury from her sister.

The other night we were all sitting and eating dinner...

Leah next to Emily in the high chair because she always insists on it.

And the next thing we know Emily is screaming bloody murder.

Leah admits she bit her hand!

And she did it hard enough to break the skin!!

We have no idea why...

I sometimes nibble on her hands and feet when I play with her and my guess is that Leah was trying to do the same?

It earned Leah a time out and a talking about how we dont bite!


They are great together!

Totally unprompted cuddling.  Leah just wanted to help her practice sitting. 



  1. Love the cuddle time pics! Biting is no fun but at least its somethign they grow out of! :-)

  2. Man your girls are stinkin cute!!



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