Monday, November 5, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 21

Well this week marked me reaching what I guess we could call my "goal" weight.  

A 1.2 lb loss this week. 

Hey, it was Halloween week and we had a weekend full of pizza and diary queen. 

I officially am at a BMI of under 25. 

Just call me "Healthy"!

 Here is a fun little comparison... 

A 27 lb difference! 

... in 13.5 weeks. 

The really sad thing was that I thought I was starting to look OK on the left!  


Lets not go back to that place unless there is a human living inside of me!

Other highlights of the week... 

A neighbor friend invited me to the Eureka Ladies Running Club. 

I am so glad she thought of inviting me because I LOVED it! 

Saturday morning we met at 7 am, (cold!) for a little 3.5 mile run. 

I did not use my phone to map it. 

Or listen to music. 

We just chatted the entire run...

Walked a little because 1 girl needed a break so we all walked with her...

But made the run in probably 40 minutes. 

It was the easiest 3.5 mile run of my life! 

Having people to run with was AWESOME! 

I cant wait to meet up again next week! 

And every Saturday morning actually! 

With the help of the time change I was eager to get a nice run in this morning before starting work. 

I sent the kiddos off with Brian. 

Drank my coffee. 

Had a yogurt. 

Got dressed, 

Then I looked outside and noticed the rain! 


I am all for running in the rain, but not when its only 40 degrees outside. 

I checked and there looks to be a 1 hr break in the rain at 9am. 

I am meeting with my boss at 9 am. 

Another Grrr! 

Hopefully I can get out there today!

My legs are itching to get moving! 

Come on weather, Cooperate! 


  1. WOW you look great - just awesome - you should be so proud.

  2. Great transformation!! Keep up the great work! I've never ran with anyone. sounds nice!

  3. YAY, Kim!!!! Look at your stomach, or lack thereof. Oh my goodness, you are lookin' good and healthy!! ;)



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