Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Leah has been 3 for 10 days already. 

Its amazing to think how far she has grown in the last year. 

She is just this little talking, funny, sneaky, stubborn, silly, innocent, kind little person. 

I know 3 is infamous for the bipolar crazy tantrums. 

And she definitely has them. 

She wines and cries at the drop of a hat. 

And turns it off as quickly as it came on. 

She is SOOOO demanding! 

She drives me completely BATTY most of the time. 

When she is wanting attention she loves to say "Damn it" ...

(Thanks Grandma Kozlen for teaching her that one!) 

Or tell us "You are not supposed to say "Damn it". 

Because then you know, she doesn't really get in trouble for saying it. 

She loves to make up games and stories. 

I usually just follow along saying "uhhuh... yeah." 

She started dance class at daycare and is loving it. 

You can catch her dancing around randomly.

Do not ask her to actually dance for you though because she will always refuse. 

Since we had her friends over for her birthday she asks for them to come over and go places with her ALL THE TIME. 

She might just be a little social butterfly in the making. 


Monday we had her 3 year check up. 

41.5 inches tall (99.5th percentile)
41 lbs. (98.26th percentile)

Making her own growth chart... 

If there were 200 3 year olds in a room, Leah would most likely be the second tallest. 

I probably would have the same probability if I was in a room full of 28 year olds really... 

Just like her momma. 

In probably way more ways than 1! 

Cannot wait to see the little girl, teenager, and woman she will become. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday: Week Im too Tired to Think

It has been one of those days... 

You know when you are just tired from life. 

And the little things are just getting to you. 

Last night Brian was hit with whatever bug Leah had on Thanksgiving. 

That meant I slept upstairs in the spare bedroom. 

Where I did not have an alarm and overslept. 

Where I woke up at the same time of 2 little kiddos. 

The littlest kiddo had a doctors appointment first thing in the morning that  her daddy was supposed to take her too... 

Thank goodness for retired In-Laws that can step up at short notice and save the day! 

Baby girl has a bad ear infection and touch of bronchitis. 

It breaks my heart that she is so sick and I didnt think to take her in earlier. 

She is such a good little baby that we had no idea she was so sick except for her lack of eating. 

Work is BUSY right now. 

Its one of my busiest weeks of the year. 

Oh and I still need to get my IA done and turned in again... 


I just want to work on it all day but I have about 800 other high priority items going on at the moment at work... 

To add to my grumpy mood, when I went to pull out my morning snack of cream cheese and cinnamon raisin bagel I was majorly disappointed to see that I packed the below instead... 

Yeah, that sucks... I was majorly bummed. 

Queso does not go with Cinnamon Raisin! 

And I forgot to put make up on today..... 

Like seriously forgot... 

Not "I was too tired". 

My make up routine takes about 2 minutes... 

So once I remembered in the car I felt blah all day... 

I know I am blessed beyond words and I should never feel the way I do on these days... 

Because my bad days would be great days for many... 

But I am really just needing a day to get caught up on life... 

Please and thank you. 

Shirt: Loft... bought on final sale for 6 dollars. Score! (I need to find some pants like that)
Undershirt: Banana Republic from YEARS ago... like I have said before, I wear it under everything! 
Jeans: Banana Republic

Whoa.......... Wings! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 24 (Maybe... I lost Track!)

At work we are currently doing a "Maintain Not Gain" program thru the holidays.

They say that on average people gain 8 lbs over the holidays.

I some how managed a 0.2 lb loss this past week.

Although I did see a +3 lbs when we came back from Joplin and I weighted myself.

If they count that, and the few +s right after other holiday parties, I guess I can believe it.

So I know you are all anxious to hear how the 5k race vs my brother went...

From left to Right: Cousin Gleeson, Uncle David, Uncle Gabe, Sister Jessica, Cousin Brianna, Me, Cousin Bailey, Sister n Law Sarah, and Brother Steve. 

(sometimes I cant control my smile...)

The run was pretty fabulous.

Although we all felt like we were running pretty slow thru out it...

I was exhausted and thought there was no way I would get the time I wanted...


I did 3.1 miles in 27:18!!

That is a 8:48 pace!


But it was not enough...

My brother beat me...

I saw him the entire time...

I just had no steam to get up there to him...

He came in at 26:something...

I know his pace was only 22 seconds less than mine...

22 seconds... times 3... I could totally get there next time!

It was one of his best times since 2009...

I want a rematch!!

My brother was not the winner of the race however...

My Uncle Gabe, the Air Force captain beat us all with a 24 minute time...

Then there was his son Gleeson, the freshman in high school at 25 minutes.

My brother was 3rd in our group.

My cousin Bailey, a current college soccer player, beat me by about 30 seconds...

Then there was me!

My Uncle David came in at 29 something...

Then I think my cousin Brianna,


And finally my sister... with my Uncle Gabe.

Of course the Air Force captain went back and found her when he was done and ran the rest with her...

We all had an awesome time.

It was a great way to start the holiday!

We definitely will be doing it again in the future.

Next up is the Santa North Pole Dash December 8th.


Thanksgiving Recap

Oh Thanksgiving.

You were one for the memory books.

5k was fabulous.  I will share details on that adventure soon.

Thanksgiving day in general was pretty fabulous.

People I love.

Yummy food.

My brother asked us to make a face about our feelings on "parenting".... I probably had been drinking. ha

Kickball game after dinner.

Leah and my 7 year old cousin Gabby feeding the Llamas... my cousins bought them for a dollar when they were younger and they have moved many times with the family. ... and maybe Leah's hair is a little like her cousins!?

Sibilings... bummed its out of focus. 

And just hanging around the kitchen.

yeah.... drinking... 
stern Brown faces... and then my brother. 

Thursday night... or really Friday morning is when things went down hill...

Leah woke up off and on early in the night crying about a turtle in the room trying to get her.

Nightmares about my cousins pet turtle that Leah was obsessed with!

2:30 am Emie woke up from coughing.

Fed her her bottle and layed down on the couch (we stayed in the apartment like hotel) bc her breathing seemed a little funny and Croup is going around her class.

Around 3 I heard the cursed noises of vomit...

Leah puked all over herself, blankie and hotel bed!

Middle of the night bath.

Stripped the bed and pulled out new bedding from the closet.

Emily was up from all of the commotion.

Leah puked more.

Emily was up more.

Leah puked again.

Emily up again.

An endless cycle until 730 when we were all up.

But Leah's puking did not end.

We headed back to my Aunt & Uncles strictly so we could do laundry.

Leah had puked on every single thing I brought for her.

And I knew the blankies were needed for the drive home.

We finally decided to make the trip home and survived with minimal puke in the car.

I hated seeing my baby girl so very sick!

But she definitely had a great time playing before it all hit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I Wore & Turkey Trot Link Up

Today's a busy post...

First let's all get in the Thanksgiving mood with answering a few questions for the Turkey Trot Link Up.

Yes, I am lame and did not answer them in a vlog...


Just not enough hours in a day.


1. What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades?
None of the above.  I look forward to being with my family that I never get to see, hanging out all day, playing outside, lots of drinking, and lots of laughs! 
2. What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish?
The dip! We are all appetizer lovers! Spinach Artichoke, Kevin's Dip, Corn & Cheese dip... yum yum yum! 
3. After dinner, is it football or a nap?
Its time to play outside! I cannot remember a year that it was too cold to get outside.  We usually head out for some football or basketball, watch the boys fly their model air planes, go for walks... 
4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float?
I honestly had no idea there was a parade! 
5. Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)?
My mom's family is all over the country and we try to get together for Thanksgiving at someones house.  This year is at my Aunt CeCe & Uncle Davids in Joplin. (We have not been back since the tornado hit and I am curious to see how the town is doing. My family was lucky to not have been effected at all by it. Their house, places of employment and schools were all fine, never lost electricity or water.  My Aunt and cousin work for Joplin school district though (elementary school teachers) and have seen alot of their students greatly effected.)  My parents, sister and boyfriend are headed that direction.  Brother and sister n law from Seattle, Grandma & Cap from FL, and Aunt & Uncle and kids are FLYING THEIR OWN PLANE from NC. Its kind of scary to think of them flying themselves... Lets all think happy thoughts! 
6. What is your favorite turkey day dessert?
Again, not a big fan...  I like pumpkin in my drinks but not as food! I prefer the chocolaty  sugary desserts and those for some reason never seem to make it to Thanksgiving.  I would much rather eat more dip and beer! 

And now for What I Wore Tuesday...

Sweater: Eddie Bauer.  My mom just gave my 2 sweaters that she had bought but decided she did not like because she said they were too long in length.  My mom is only about 3 inches shorter than me.... I think the length is perfect for me so I happily took them from her! 
Shirt: Merona from Target
Jeans: Lauren Conrad from Kohls.  I LOVE them! 
Shoes: From Nordstroms... I bought these for my brother's wedding over 3 years ago and I have worn them so much I wore off the brand name... They probably should be thrown away now, but I am bad about parting with shoes. They are just the perfect light gold color that goes with everything!

And a little update... 

You might remember that back in September I received this dresser for free and contemplated how to paint it... 

Well I ended up painting it white because I had it on hand... 

I did try to do some outlining in a fun color but I could not do it cleanly and just went back to all white. 

I can always try again down the road. 

Overall I am happy with my new white dresser for the guest bedroom! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 23

Down another 2.8 lbs.

Ridiculous I say!

But I wont complain.

I guess I am just building myself a cushion to enjoy this holiday week.

Im not the biggest eater on Thanksgiving day as I am not the biggest fan of the traditional food and desserts...

Ill pass on the stuffing, rolls, mash potatoes, cranberry junk, pumpkin & pecan pie...

Not really my think.

But the dips....

And the drinks!

That is what will do me in...

Cant wait to see my family in a few days!

My brother, Sarah, my cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, and Cap!

I miss them all!


And the 5k!

Only a few days away..

I am thinking I can maybe pull out a time just under 28 minutes...

My brother thinks that will beat him.

I have no idea what will really happen.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Party!

The 3rd Birthday was a hit!

I wanted to focus more on the kids and I think they had a great time.

I'll just over load you on pictures...

We gave Leah her first gift in the morning to keep her entertained while we prepared for her party at 10:30.  It was The Lorax. She LOVES this movie and was so shocked/excited to get it. I love her face here! 

Mommy and the birthday girl!  I think we look alot alike here.. 

Attempt at a family picture.... We need to get Brian and his mini me to look a little more excited!  Come on guys! 

Bounce in the basement!  ... Maybe a few injuries. Boys are rough! 

The babies of the group. ... and my mom with Brian's grandma. 

Opening gifts is always a team effort at age 3. 

Leah and her school friends. 

Everyone having fun. 

Leah got embarassed with us signing to her...

Stinking love this picture! ... and she refused to blow the candle out... 

Cakes, Cupcakes, and build your own sundae time! 

Disney hair items was hit! .... pretend blow dryer, curler, straightener, brush... 

Pinata time!

Brayden, the kindergardener from next door went last and finally broke open the pinata. 

Mad dash to the goodies! 

Testing out her new scooter from Mom and Dad on a gorgeous November day! 

Happy Birthday baby girl!

You are loved beyond words! 



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