Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am been thinking about the baby room and the decor alot lately...

I definitely want to go more neutral. Brian and I plan to have more than one child of course, and I know I wont want to have to rebuy everything when we have a different gender. I figure the bedding and decor can be pretty neutral and it can get more gender appropriate when he/she grows to be a toddler and older.

I have been doing some online shopping... I hear its what alot of pregnant ladies do!... and I think I am singled down the theme to either stars and moons or under the sea.

Brian and I both really like the ocean decor from Target. I like how its bright and fun.... our house could use a little more color! ... I have always been a fan of fish and I loved Little Mermaid when I was younger! What do you think? ... now what color would we paint the room? And what color crib should we get? I am a fan of the white... but then I think a dark wood is nice and the dressed could grow easier with the child.... hmmmm. Please advice! And let me know if you find any other ocean decor anywhere!!


  1. I like the theme! I also think with brighter colors, white furniture looks the best. But darker would go with it, too. I just think the white lets your eye pay more attention to the colors and patterns, whereas the darker wood may break it up.

    Online shopping is all I did (and still do occasionally!) at work. :) haha

  2. I really like the ocean theme! But the stars are cute to, but i think the ocean could go ore both for boy and girl..and i like it white. If i had to paint the room i would go with a light yellow or green:) just my opinion, cant wait to see little gilmore!

  3. I see all your feed back on retro bedding and it appears like some of you are looking for more designs.



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