Saturday, April 25, 2009

A story and pictures

So a quick story....

My mom was at work talking with a new teacher. This teacher is about the same age as my mom and also has a daughter that is 24. My mom brought up how she is going to be a grandparent. The new teacher responded with "Isn't it great she choose life? Is the father in the picture?" My mom responded with "She's Married!" .... haha. I guess Brian and I are just choosing to do things the old fashion way huh?

Now for pictures of my gorgeous little sister before Prom... and a few with me in them with my 12th week belly... it seems to really have come out of no where today. It was even poking out of my tshirt this morning!

can you see me taking the picture in the mirror? Do you see my belly?!


  1. OH MY GOSH! YOUR SISTER! She's soooo grown up and GORGEOUS! :) ALl i can remember is "J" crawling over the seats in the van as your mom drove us to the mall or something, lol! Aww, so pretty! :)

    And yay for little belly! :) It's cute! Makes you feel like there's actually a reason you've been so sick, huh?

  2. I do see your belly! It's adorable!



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