Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The doctor went great! ... or atleast as great as it could have gone! We didnt get our ultra sound (we are going back Friday at Noon) but I am still pregnant, definitely atleast 8 weeks, and its a great sign that I have been having such morning sickness. I was given a prescription too for some sort of medicine to calm my nausea which has definitely worked! I felt great this morning and it was wonderful!

I can't wait till Friday to see and hear our little one!!!! Luckily this week at work is going super fast so Friday will be here before I know it!

I told everyone at work too and its great to not have to hide how I am feeling and talk openly about how excited I am! Everyone is thrilled for me! Mary Jo is already starting on a baby blanket for me (she is like another grandmother) and my boss is thrilled for me. She hasn't even mentioned how I will be leaving and missing the final month of testing and implementation of our project we are working on.

I need to take another picture to see how I have grown.. Many of my dress pants now cannot button... I have about a inch gap. Its kind of ridiculous!

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