Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Ultrasound was great!! It really made things sink in! Also its official, I am only having 1 baby, for all of you who thought I was having twins!

Brian was of course there again. When the ultra sound first began, the nurse lady had to do all of the technical things first. It was cute to see Brian trying to wiggle in his chair so he could see everything going on the screen.

She told me I am 8 wks 5 days (6 days now today! ha!) and everything looks great! The baby and sack are exactly where we all thought he/she would be. The little one is still scheduled to be here Nov 15th.

The heart beat is 176 beats per minute. Hearing that was what made it really sink in. It was going so fast! It is really crazy to think that right now I have two hearts in me! I have someone inside of me that will come out eventually, we will watch grow up, and some day it will be my size and be an adult! It is so crazy to think about!

We got to watch the baby on the monitor for a while. Its mostly a blob.. with a big head, body, and little arms and legs sticking out. The strangest thing was that you could actually see the heart beating on him/her.

I also found out that although the baby is normal size for how far I am, my uterus seems to be much larger for my due date. This would be the reason why my pants are already so tight when Im only in my 9th week! I think my body just knows it will be a BIG baby and is preparing for its growth!

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