Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 5

Is it really week 5?!

The week went well...

I C25K-ed all but 1 day.

I ate well.

Only used 1 of my extra, weekly, bonus points ...on beer when we had a family play-date Friday night .

I saw a loss of 3.2 lbs.


I am starting to feel stronger, leaner, taller...

More like my old self.

Last night I started on Week 4, Day 1...

A 3 minute run, some walking, 4 minute run and walking (2 times) and then another 3 minute run.

It is the longest run so far and I was nervous about it...

But you know what... it wasn't so bad at all.


Next up is a 3 minute run, some walking, 5 minute run and walking (2 times) and then another 3 minute run...

I am not scared at all!

Excited to do it actually.

Although I am feeling great, there is still a lack of clothing that fits!


Maybe its just my body's shape changing...

Or the stomach that will just NOT go away...

I really do not want to buy any new clothes...

So work out clothes is what I will wear for the next 4 weeks until I actually have to wear normal clothing on the regular again.

(Only 4 more weeks till I return to work!? I admit I kind of miss work and am excited to return...I am ridiculous I know. I will save this for another post soon)

June 6th

July 17
That darn belly is why I cant get my shorts to button!   I hate ab workouts though... :(


  1. That is amazing progress!! I bet some of your work clothes fit already. My work pants have more give than shorts and jeans.



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