Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Normal

I have been meaning to write about my new life as a mom of 2 but every attempt has failed.

In general... It's not as overwhelming as I expected.

Maybe that is because I have yet to return to work and a normal schedule...

But for now, it really is manageable.

Sure Leah seems to be naked A LOT more often.

Sure we relaxed on Leah's bedtime because we focus more on getting Em down and me getting some Mommy alone time ( a run/walk) in before we get her down.

Sure Leah is still not potty trained and I feel extremely frustrated after each poopy diaper I change and new box of size 6 diapers I buy.

I feel mommy guilt after each time I yell at Leah to leave her sister alone because at times I feel like that is all I ever say to her anymore.

But Leah and Brian are spending a lot more time together in the evenings.

Leah absolutely loves her little sister and wants to be with her 24/7.

I can handle taking them both out in public alone, but notice that I often try to plan accordingly or forego my desire to go somewhere in particular because its not worth the hassle.

Grocery shopping often takes 2 carts if Leah wants to ride rather than walk.

I usually forget atleast 1 semi-important thing anytime we go anywhere.

With 1 child I had a memory, with 2 children my brain is shot.

(hopefully it returns some in time for my next exam!)

And I have had only a handful of overwhelmed, anxiety filled moments.

I am completely, 100% happy being the mom of 2 beautiful little girls.

I just feel in control of life right now rather than life being in control of me.

And for me, that is a HUGE thing.


1 comment:

  1. Yay for you!

    I find the biggest thing for me is now I really try to do anything and everything before I pick the kids up from daycare. I just don't bother doing whatever it is if I have to do if it is after pick up. I just modify my schedule to always grocery shop in the afternoon rather than early evening. Or I do it after I pick up Graham and before Gwen (since they go to different places during the day).



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