Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday America (a week late)

( I am allowed to be late...I have a newborn! ;) )

The holiday was spent doing a couple of the most classic summer activities...

Swimming at my Uncles... and then BBQing at my parents.

Although I was not yet released to swim, (darn dissolve-able stitches) I spent the morning with just my legs in the water, Leah was a little fish and Emily, at 4 weeks old, had her first experience in the pool.

Leah used to be scared of the waterfall.. her mean daddy held her near it... and she soon came over her fear... 

her itty bitty swimsuit was the cutest thing ever! 

My cousin Kelly introduced her to the water.... and we forgot her hat so she has a towel over head... I have come to realize that with leaving the house with 2 kids I always forget something... 

starting to relax a bit.... 

just hanging out in the water... escaping the 100+ heat. 

This years holiday was not all traditional and was a little off... 

We did not see or hear a single firework.

Yes, we did all fall sleep by 9:30 pm that night, but that was not why...

The lack of rain and extreme heat had almost all of the area's fireworks cancelled.

We had been looking forward to sitting on our deck and enjoying Six Flag's show but they too were cancelled... it was a bummer because we had talked about it since we started to build this house last year!

And when it comes to personal fireworks, they not only are illegal in the county, but I am not a fan in general.  The kind of scare the crap out of me.... I like to leave it to the professionals.

So the holiday was mostly enjoyed in the company of family and being happy to live in such an awesome country.



  1. That last picture is way too cute. And I love the sisters sitting together too.

  2. and YAY no more word verification!!! Woo hoo!! Yay. :)



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