Monday, July 23, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 6

Another 1.8 lbs down.

This week seemed to be a test.

I ran to Lions Choice to pick up lunch for Brian and his dad one day while they worked on the basement.

The smell of the fries in the car actually grossed me out rather than enticed me!

I went out with a friend one night...

Yes I had half a bottle of wine....

But when it came to dinner at a pub, I passed up the loaded fries, fish and chips, or amazing burgers for an awesome summer salad.

(And by awesome I mean I want to go back and eat it again right this second!)

Saturday night I was exhausted and Brian offered to BBQ and "just pick up some potato salad or something."

I told him no and instead cooked us a healthy side of oven fries to go along with the burgers. (turkey for me)

Side note: I have a new found love for turkey everything.  Turkey burgers, hot dogs, bacon, and ground turkey!

I ate ONE slice of cheese pizza...

I remember noticing the greasiness.

An hour later I felt HORRIBLE!

I feel like I have turned a corner and can proudly make smart food choices more willingly.

I don't have the feeling of "Oh I SHOULD eat this."

Its more of a "I WANT to eat this."

C25K is still going great as well.

I have reached the point were the runs are 8+ minutes long.

Although I am nervous at the start of each run I realized that although my legs get tired I can mentally tell myself to just keep going.

A friend of mine from college just finished the  Ironman competition this past weekend

That's 140 miles!!

In one day!!

Swimming 2 miles.

Bike ride 112 miles.

Then run a MARATHON!

If Greg can do it, I can totally run 3 miles!

I really am at a point right now where I feel like this is not just a diet but a real life change.

Lets hope it continues!

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